Austrian Bishops and the 3RD edition


Not looking to start an argument, but is this step by the Austrians a defiant position with H.H. BXVI and the 3rd Edition? Or are other translations(languages) exempt?

“The Austrian bishops have stipulated that the only permitted translation of the Latin words “pro multis” in the Eucharistic Prayer is “for all”, despite Pope Benedict XVI one year ago informing the German-speaking bishops that their new translation of the Missal would use the phrase “for many”.”



Looks like they are still working with the “old” missal and that they’ll comply with BXVI when the “new” missal comes out.


I think you are misunderstanding. Granted, this article is poorly written, but I read it to say that the bishops are reiterating what must be said in the current translation. The new translation is not out yet. Priests are not free to ad lib the current translation and change the words.


Kind of disgusting, their article. It is a clear (attempted) slight against Benedict which the casual reader will see. Of course, the new German translation will include “fur viele” and that is implied in the article, but the casual reader will not notice that.


Thanks for the replies. I thought it referred to the New Missal. I now see it does not. Guess we will see what happens when the New translation does come out.

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