Austrian police seek 'House Of Horrors' answers

I just can’t believe the evil, nightmarish story out of Austria. It’s horrible beyond words.

I’m sure you all have heard about the man in Austria who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years, raping and impregnating her, then keeping some of her children prisoners as well. They have never seen sunlight until now.

I read that story and it truly is disgusting. I can’t think of a punishment harsh enough to deal with that guy, but I can tell you, I would do everything to make the perpetrator’s remaining days on Earth a living Hell.

Think of those children whose lives he has destroyed. Personally, people like Fritzl show why we need to reinstate punishment such as crucifixion, the brazen bull, ritual dismemberment and torture. Partially, it is to give the man as torturous a send-out as humanly possible, but also to serve as a warning to any other perverts who would seek to copy this man’s heinous actions.

Barring that sort of execution, put him in the general population of the prison and let the guards take a walk for a couple hours. I don’t think there can be any sympathy for this guy’s actions.

I read this story yesterday, and I am still shocked by this. I think shocked is too weak a word.

It is frightening the amount of evil humans are capable of. How could this madman keep a straight face for 24 years?

Absoulutely incredible. Very, very sad.

I agree, how can someone so methodically lead a bizarre double life such as this, that is so utterly depraved and evil, and even fool your wife? We’re talking 24 years, children being born and raised. The whole thing is so pre-meditated and unbelievably horrible.

These people also had boarders, were raising the other three of Elisabeths incestuously conceived children. Somehow this evil man managed to dupe everyone! :eek:

premeditated is right. i was trying to figure out how he could have a hidden room in his basement, then today i read it was an apartment building. a truly sick man. and 3 children just appeared on their door step. why didn’t the wife notice anything strange?

Surprise, surprise! There’s evil in the world. That’s why we are told to love one another. Love overcomes evil.


I’m still following this story on the internet. It just boggles my mind that such a crime could have happened for 24 years. Those poor children and Elisabeth, let us pray for them that they may recover from this horrific abuse.

I always knew there were houses where things just like this went on. How? Because there are fetishes like this out there, and whatever people can dream up, someone will try, and whatever people keep trying, someone will get away with if no one watches out for anyone.:mad: So why didn’t anyone suspect? Because some people get away with stuff. We need to learn to be more alert to the signs of danger.

I’ve handled cases like this. There’s truth in the saying*“no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”*

Really? Prove how love overcame evil here? Oh, she got free? YAY!!! After 24 years!!! Oh how grateful we should be? HOw can anyone even say…thank God here?

How did our prayers mean ANYTHING that God ALLOWED this to happen? In the scheme of things it makes me belive more and more that yes God does exist, but is IMPERSONAL when I read of such horrors.

According to news reports the maximum sentence in Austria for this crime is 15 years in prison. That’s for rape and sequestration. That seems ridiculously lenient to me.

15 years is lenient but at least in this case the geezer is 73 so there is a good chance he will never see the light of day again.

He should at least be required to spend 21 of every remaining 24 hours of his life writing apologies on the wall and then sleep in stocks.

How about 24 hour-a-day solitary confinement? No contact with humans (food passed through the door). Alternate at random intervals between pitch darkness and light. Give him the bare minimum amount of food to survive. And do everything possible to make sure this guy’s life goes on as long as possible (hook him to a life support system if you have to), but absolutely no pain killers.

Here is a newer article that has more information about this strange case.,25197,23635468-26040,00.html

Oh come now, you’re letting your rage speak out. We ought pray for his soul. Is there any justice in barbarism? Are we the betters if we lower ourselves to his base level to satisfy our wrath? Would our Lord and Saviour have nailed that man to a cross? No, I think not, rather, I think Our Lord and Savior was nailed to a cross for that man’s, and all men’s sake.

When we look at him, are we supposed to see a monster? Or a soul so lost, so corrupt, so wicked… Sorrowful circumstances throughout.:shrug:

I will pray for the man and for his daughter and her children.

We must be merciful to not only the victims but also to those who abuse them. The Lord has commanded, “Love your enemies.” And he exemplified this love, dying for us even while we were still enemies, and, rather than uttering a word against his enemies, he prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Notice my reason for such harsh punishment: to serve as a warning to any other perverts who would seek to copy this man’s heinous actions. Perhaps I should not have allowed personal rage and unrighteous anger to cloud my view, but don’t you want to send a message to anyone else who has this idea in their head (and, trust me, someone else will have this idea in their head).

“…to serve as a warning to any other perverts who would seek to copy this man’s heinous actions…”

That was the reason for nailing Christ to a cross … Kinda un-Christian, don’t you think?

How awful!!! If he was so concerned for her, why did he lock her up for so long? Saving her from drugs? What he did was far worse.

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