Authentic Masculinity, Christ as "Nuestro Capitán y Campeón"


Yesterday evening, I started listening to the Hymno a Cristo Rey on Youtube:

I found it really inspiring, so inspiring in fact that it actually caused me take a major step forward in that, it encouraged me to start working on reclaiming and forming my masculinity. I have been unable to form my masculinity because I have a variety of issues that I have been struggling with for a longtime, including a sexual perverse and struggles with habitual sin.

When listening to Hymno a Cristo Rey, there are several lines that really encourage me to form my masculinity, including referring to Christ as “Nuestro Capitán y Campeón” that is “Our Captain and Champion,” viewing Christ that really brings out my masculinity. I was wondering if anyone here has any advice or comments on viewing Christ as “Capitán y Campeón,” or other questions and comments on the song or other aspects of authentic masculinity that can help me develop this further?


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