Authentic Replacement of the Gloria and Sanctus in Various Different Languages

I currently reside in a German speaking country and I was quite scandalised when I first came here as I quickly noticed that the lyrics of the Glorias, Credos, and Sanctuss that were being sung were not in agreement with what was in my hand missal or missalettes. Fast forward a few years after I purchased an altar missal I noticed that there were rubrics stating the following “Das Gloria darf durch ein Gloria-Lied ersetzt werden.” Translated this means something to the effect of “the Gloria is allowed to be replaced with a Gloria-song.” The following is the rubric for the Creed, “Ausnahmsweise darf es durch ein Credo-Lied ersetzt werden.” meaning something like “exceptionally can a Credo-song be used to replace it.” For the Sanctus an even slightly more stringent rubric is written “Das Sanctus soll in der Regel von Priester und Gemeinde gemeinsam oder gesprochen werden. Es darf nur durch ein Lied ersetzt werden, das mit der dreimaligen Heilig-Ruf beginnt und der Inhalt des Sanctus entspricht.” This meaning “The Sanctus should be regularly sung or spoken by the priest and the community, it is only allowed to be replaced with a song (meaning not be such said replacement text but only in song form), that begins with the thrice holy call and contains the contents of the Sanctus.” This has lead me to question if anyone knows of any other missals in which such or similar things may occur as in regards to the replacement of certain parts of the Ordinary of the Mass? There are some other thing that I have found peculiar to the German language missal such as there being three options for the Orate frates which I do not see in my French hand missalettes as they have however quite shortened the prayer in comparison to the Latin texts. Another thing that I have found to be quite surprising is the Mystery of Faith acclamations. There are technically three and surprisingly not four as was the case in the older English missal translation, considering that they are liberal in many other parts of their missal but not in this part and I have only ever heard the first acclamation being used whether it be a Mass in Latin (which I regularly attend in order to avoid liturgical chaos) or in German and in a few of the hand missals and missalettes that I have that are in German there is only the first acclamation printed and none of the other ones. Does this practice (which I personally find to be odd) also exist in the other language communities of the Latin Rite?

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