Author and Mother of Three Excoriates U.K. Bishops for Failing to Oppose Explicit Sex-ed

Author and Mother of Three Excoriates U.K. Bishops for Failing to Oppose Explicit Sex-ed

By James Tillman

BRAGA, Portugal, June 21, 2010 ( - Fiorella Nash, Catholic author and mother of three, spoke to the Knights of Our Lady on the weekend of June 4-6, and upbraided the Bishops Conference of England and Wales for failing to sufficiently oppose explicit sex education in schools and even colluding with the “anti-life policies of the Government.”

In her speech, “The State of Family Life in Great Britain,” Nash called the government’s aggressive promotion of sex education the “greatest threat to family life in Britain today.”

“Sex education in Britain, as in many other countries, means the aggressive promotion of an ideology about human sexuality which is entirely at odds with Catholic teaching,” she said.

Schools in Britain are currently pushing information about contraception and abortion upon children without parental knowledge or consent, and “this is happening with the co-operation of the Catholic authorities,” she said.

Nash quoted a teacher in one Catholic school who said she “witnessed the nurse using a plastic model to show these children how to put on what she said was a chocolate flavoured condom. She went on to explain to her pupils that flavoured condoms had been made because prostitutes didn’t like the taste of rubber.”

This is not an isolated occurrence, said Nash, who charged that similar alarming occurrences at local levels are symptoms of high-level “dereliction of duty.”

She pointed out that the Catholic Education Service of England and Wales (CESEW) has appointed Greg Pope, a pro-abortion former Labour MP, as its deputy director. Pope has voted against measures to lower the gestational age limit for abortion, for measures reducing the age of consent for homosexual acts, and for the abolishment of a prohibition on promoting homosexuality in schools.

Nash also said that when the “Children, Schools and Families bill was being debated in Parliament, the Catholic hierarchy of England and Wales not only failed to offer any opposition to a bill that would have imposed abortion and contraception on Catholic schools, but Archbishop Vincent Nichols painted the government’s intentions in an entirely positive light.”

She also pointed out that CESEW helped draft new government guidance on sex and relationship education. That guidance states that “information provided by schools should reflect the latest medical evidence available on topics such as: the efficacy of different contraceptive methods in preventing unplanned pregnancies and STIs; and pregnancy choices.”

Such information, Nash said, simply cannot be presented in a neutral fashion: “Simply talking about abortion as though it were morally neutral is in itself to take a pro-abortion position, in the same way that talking about the child porn industry as though producing and purchasing such material were simply a matter of personal choice would involve the inherent assumption there is nothing wrong with child pornography.”

“The collusion by an agency of the Bishops’ Conference with the anti-life policies of the Government was a wicked dereliction of duty that has left many Catholic parents feeling disillusioned and betrayed by the CES[EW] which was founded to protect and promote Catholic education,” said Nash.

The author also explained how the British government effectively works to break up the family through its tax laws.

“A central aim of the tax credit system is to ‘encourage’ mothers to return to work and it does so by essentially rewarding working mothers and penalising those who choose to raise their children,” she said

Seems bad bishops is a universal problem and damn I’m fed up with them. :mad:!

St. John Chrysostom was correct when he said ‘the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops’

I have no idea how accurate the story is. But, the CCC clearly states that education of children is primarily the responsibility of parents.
So its always up to the parents to know exactly what their children are being taught, and how it is being taught. Don’t take anything for granted.

Read your CCC and if Catholic Schools or any other Catholic organization is not following the CCC in its entirety, be sure to let them know - armed with the CCC. Mark the paragraph numbers that they are disobeying.

If that does not work, write to the Diocese Bishop, with a copy to the Pope !

Yes…I think we are in an age of outright apostasy. I never thought I’d see the day when bishops would fund pro-abortion groups or speak about re-thinking Church teaching on homosexuality. No wonder P. Benedict said the light of Christ is dimming.

Personally I think some bishops are leading from the rear,the Flock is fed up with what you rightly regard at worst as apostacy or at best indiffererence.We need officers who lead from the Front in this war .Ones who are willing to be jailed and martyred like St Paul was.Ones willing to tell Ceasar to get stuffed.

The Remnant flock is ready to rebel against the ebcroachments of Ceasar.Our Bishops must become less PC,less afraid of ruffling feathers and be more like Cardinal Oullett of Canada,Bishop Chaput of the US,and Bishop Fred Henry of Alberta.,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the indefectibility of the Church as it relates to some of the latest statements and actions from our bishops, which, quite frankly, astound me. This forum is of huge comfort to me because for the most part, the faithful (on this board, anyway) are recognizing the inconsistencies and are refusing to be duped. As long as we continue to be a part of Mary’s army, whose weapon of choice is the Rosary, I think we’re going to be okay!

I always have my weapon on me as St Padre Pio referred to the Rosary.

I love the line about the skulls of Bishops paving the road to hell.

To quote an anti-Christian bigot and foaming at the mouth Atheist,Ted Turner,“LEAD OR GET OUT OF THE WAY”!

If, regarding moral matters, one adopts his own opinions and rejects the opinions of one’s bishop isn’t that going against some basic tenets of the Church. Isn’t this a very slippery slope? This seems to me to be a difficult issue for the observant Catholic.

One is certainly not free to reject the statements of his own bishop regarding faith and morals, but an episcopal conference (like the USCCB) is a collective bureaucratic body. They have no authority to teach in and of themselves, and thus as this kind of body, do not comprise the teaching Magisterium. Their interpretations of doctrine and pronouncements are only binding insofar as your own bishop has lent his name to the interpretation and must be in conformity with revealed truth (The Deposit of Faith as protected by the Church) and the Holy Father. This has been upheld by two popes, JP II and Benedict (then Ratzinger) in Apostolos Suos. The article in the OP states this group is a Bishops Conference.

It is a difficult issue that is causing heartbreak among faithful Catholics. I have seen posts on this thread by people who are in RCIA…they are confused and doubtful regarding authentic Church teaching because our bishops do not speak with one united voice. Let me ask you a question…when one bishop states something contrary to another, which bishop do you believe?? This is a real life scenario as is evidenced by what happened recently in Marquette. Bishop Sample refused to let another bishop come into his diocese and speak to a social justice group because of his liberal views on homosexuality.

If you believe in private revelation you know our Blessed Mother predicted this would happen - bishop against bishop and cardinal opposing cardinal when she appeared in Akita. (A Church approved appartion.)

I’m sorry, but there are certain fundamental things Catholics must NOT be a part of. Like funding abortion groups under the banner of social justice, and yet, the American bishops continue to do so through the CCHD. We will be judged by God according to our conscience and the obligation we fulfilled by studying the authentic faith and forming that conscience rightly through prayer. We are living in deceptive times. We must know our faith and what it REALLY teaches.

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