Author Michael O'Brien

Recently there was a thread about authors for young people (I think it was directed at teens) and what books anyone here might recommend.
Someone listed Michael O’Brien. I bought a handful of his books, and I wanted to give a heads up to any other parent out there who may have done the same. There is a scene in “Sophia House” in which the main character is molested by a great uncle. It was graphic enough to give me the creeps, and certainly not something I would want my child reading.
I may have mis-understood the poster who listed O’Brien as good/appropriate.
In any case, I do understand that O’Brien is a faithful Catholic, and perhaps there is a reason for such a conflict in this book; I haven’t finished it yet, but needless to say, my son will not read his material until I’ve read it first.
I do wish there were more/better material for our children.

Uh…Sophia House is not a children’s book. I have all of O’Brien’s novels, and they are written for adults. He has written a non-fiction book about children’s books. I have not read that, but have heard it is very critical of what is out there in today’s fiction for children.

That being said, I applaud his fictional works. For adults, though. :thumbsup:

Well, like I said, that is what I learned when I began reading it. The topic of the original thread was teen (or so) material, so that is the point of this thread, just to forewarn any other parents who may have mis-understood as I did.
I do have Landscape with Dragons, and I’ve ordered many of the books O’Brien suggests for kids.

I was agreeing with you, comebacktome. If it seemed otherwise, I apologize.

Oh…and I did want to put in my 2 cents about his works being good, in case adults would be put off reading them.

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