Author of "Father Elijah: An Apocalypse" on LOTR

Did anyone see Michael O’Brien on “Life on the Rock” this evening? It was very heartfelt and moving.

I caught the last half of “Life on the Rock” this evening (wish I would have seen it from the beginning) with guest Michael O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien’s words deeply held my attention as he spoke about our world today. He talked about the Spirit of Murder and the battle for souls, especially for our children. He said the people of today have been propagandized into accepting the Spirit of Murder and no one sees it. He said he believes there is going to be a purification because Divine Mercy will not allow the good people to continue to be consumed. Mr. O’Brien is an author and artist and one of the books he wrote was “Father Elijah: An Apocalypse”. This is how the book came about: Mr. O’Brien was praying deeply from the heart, before the Blessed Sacrament, so full of discouragement and desolation, weeping, asking the Lord “Where are You?” (Mr. O’Brien is from Canada and he was overwhelmed with the anti-life, anti-family culture growing and spreading in his country.) Mr. O’Brien said he is not in the habit of hearing voices, but he was suddenly filled with a supernatural peace and heard a voice say, “The Lord wishes to speak to you.” He was “told” to go up the the lectern and open the Bible and he read something along the lines of *in this land of desolation I will bring forth fruit *(he couldn’t remember which book of the Bible). After this his mind and imagination were just flooded and what came about was the book, “Father Elijah: An Apocalypse”. He said he prays to the Angel of Inspiration before writing. Mr. O’Brien seems very authentic and a deeply prayerful man. I was very moved. My post does not do justice to the way Mr. O’Brien expressed himself. Here is information from his website about the book:

This book is excellent, as are his other novels. I haven’t read any of his non-fiction, so can’t comment on that. I wish I’d seen that show. I wonder if they’ll re-run it?

Hi! Yes the re-run will be on in a few hours at 1:00AM and again on Friday at 1:00 PM. It will also air on Sunday at 11:00PM.

I just looked up another one of his books, (“Island of the World”) on the Ignatius Press website and this is what I found:

“You will not want to put this book down until you finish it, and you will continue to live in it even after you close its covers. This story will change you. It will make you a wiser, better person. Is there any greater, rarer success we can hope for in a mere book than that?”
-Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Boston College. Author, The Philosophy of Tolkien

“It is difficult to know where to turn for noble enough analogies in speaking of this book. Michael O’Brien has achieved both a seriousness and a delicacy, that is not to be taken lightly. I wonder whether we are going to find Mr. O’Brien’s name taking its place along with those of Mauriac and Bernanos before too long?”
-Thomas Howard, author, Dove Descending: A Journey into T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets

“There is a kind of historical novel that may appear less a work of conventional fiction than an acute recollection of intimate personal stories, gathered secretly and then, in contemplative solitude, softly woven together with prophetic insight. When such a weave is spun on the right writerly loom, underthreaded with prayer of a mystical intensity, something far more deeply discerning than typical historical fiction can result. Island of the World offers a rich but unsettling fabric, the lovely and the terrible together, evoking not only the social tragedy and horribly tested piety of 20thC Croatia, but the fragile beauty of holiness in a time of adversity anywhere.”
-David Lyle Jeffrey, author, People of the Book

“Michael O’Brien has done it again. Penetrating, incisive, lyrical and startlingly clear and crisp, this is a novel that obliges readers to think, think and think again. Unlike so many of his literary contemporaries, the author has something to say that is not only new but is intensely important. Every writer, teacher, thinker and politician should be obliged to read Michael O’Brien. If they did so, the world would be a far better place.”
-Michael Coren, author, C. S Lewis: The Man Who Created Narnia

“In Michael O’Brien’s new novel we feel the mystery and theology palpitating on every page without ever feeling that the deeper meaning is obstructing the momentum of the plot. The genius of O’Brien is that he does not wear his theological heart on his sleeve but lets its pulse provide the unobtrusive rhythm to which the story dances. This is storytelling at its most sublime”
-Joseph Pearce, author, Literary Converts

“Michael O’Brien’s novels always have haunting plots. St. Augustine wrote, ‘You touched me, and I burned for your peace.’ Something burning is found here. Young Josip is told that the Odyssey was written about a man who longed to return home. What is our home, in this island in the world? O’Brien’s words touch us deeply in this work, by lives that seek in their very living that peace for which those who were created to live first in this island of the world are finally destined. ‘In eternity we will know fully.’ Such are O’Brien’s words, such are Augustine’s words."
-James V. Schall, S.J., Georegetown University. Author, The Order of Things

“ ‘Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going?’ Such questions come to our souls with new intensity through this poetic, deep story of crucifixion and resurrection, the most beautiful novel of the last 20 years since Eugenio Corti’s The Red Horse. In our journey with his main character, Josip Lasta, we move toward the heart’s real home. As with Homer’s Ulysses, as with Tolkien’s Frodo, we carry our wounds, our losses, our beloved ones and encounter the only thing we truly seek and hope for: the eyes of the One who can heal our wounds, embrace our hearts, save our deepest loves.”
-Dr. Edoardo Rialti, Professor of Literature, Florence, Italy

Thanks! I just came from EWTN to tell you that it would be re-run. :smiley: I can’t stay up late, but I’m hoping I can catch it tomorrow.

I have Island of the World, and have started it…in fact started it ages ago. For some reason, I just can’t seem to keep on reading it. It’s not that I don’t like it. On the contrary, I find it remarkable. It is a heavy book in more ways than one. I have a problem holding heavy (weight wise) books. But I need to try to remember to read it when sitting in the love seat.

I’ve devoured his other books. And it’s best to read those in order. Father Elijah stands alone, but I think it’s best to read that one first, as he is referred to in others.

Then Strangers and Sojourners - Plague Journal - Eclipse of the Sun and Sophia House. Although the last is actually set mostly before ‘Father Elijah’, it is best read after.

And A Cry of Stone is a stand alone book, as is Island of the World.

There should be other threads about this author here. He’s very good. His words paint pictures.

Dear Baptista,

Thank you sooo much for the information! I’m glad you told me about the sequence of the books. I am excited to start reading them! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, Therese! :slight_smile: I think you will enjoy his books.

And I caught the re-run this afternoon. He did not graduate high school! And got bad marks in art and grammar! God certainly did work in him, and is still doing so. His books are fantastic. I would have thought he was a highly educated person.

It definitely confirms for me that the Holy Spirit is working through Michael O’Brien. I liked it when Michael O’Brien said he wonders if God scans the earth looking for the people least likely to succeed so He can use them. Michael also quoted St. Paul that strength is found in weakness. I can’t wait to start reading these books!

I’ve read Eclipse of the Sun and have Father Elijah on my shelf to read soon (whenever I buy new clothes or books I let make myself wait to wear/read them-I don’t really know why, but I have done this for decades:shrug:). I can hardly wait!

Yes, I did see Michael O’Brien on EWTN and was so amazed that I will shortly be reading a book for which the idea came by praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament!

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