I just found this on another board that discusses authoritarianism and religion.

I am wondering how the participants here line up on this scale.

Any one care to report?

I got a 3.86. The appropriate score for an American…wheee!

I am a Liberal Airhead

I too am a liberal airhead…THANK GOD!!!:thumbsup:

Liberal airhead.

I think a lot of Christians thought that religion protects themselves from errors on the far right. After all, Marxism and Fascism were atheistic authoritarian ideologies. It is not dependent on that, it is a human error, part of original sin. Religion does not do that much to prevent such errors.

Better to change, than allow yourself (and the US) to drift further in that direction. Why do you think so many people voted for Obama? For every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction.


A true American, disciplined but tolerant. :slight_smile:


Me, too. 3.1 I knew I liked you, Robert. :smiley:

3.86 a true but tollerant american.

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