Authorities discover remains of 64 victims of drug war at Mexico mine site

For months, maybe for years, feuding drug mafias have unloaded their bound-and-gagged victims from pickup trucks and car trunks and thrown them down a deep, dark hole.

State investigators rappelled down the 15-foot-wide shaft through darkness to reach the bottom, 50 stories down, where they found a cold, dripping-wet cavern filled with noxious gases. As they panned their headlamps around the cave, they found a subterranean killing field. Initially, they thought there were 25 dead, then 55. But as they struggle to reassemble the bodies at the morgue in the capital city, they think they have found the remains of 64 people.

"It was like a quicksand, but filled with bodies," said Luis Rivera, a young chief criminologist, who was one of the first to descend into the mine.


Thats like- a horror movie. Could you imagine being thrown down a BOTTOMLESS PIT, onto all kinds of other bodies?! oooOOOooo my gawsh.....

God have mercy on the souls of the victims
God have mercy on the souls of the perpetrators. :frowning:

Coming to a state near you.

that is the first i have heard of this story. other gruesome stories from mexico about multiple killings have caught my attention, but somehow i missed this one!
50 stories down! i hope they were dead before they were thrown over, but, considering how cruel these drug cartels are, some were probably alive. i feel sorry for the coroner
having to piece the bodies together. can you imagine the work to get the remains out?!

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