Authority, or the Keys of the Priesthood is a big issue for my
husband who is convinced that the Catholic Church fell apart
after Christ died and that no one has any right to act as God’s
Representative on Earth except as it was supposedly conferred upon Joseph Smith then ‘worthy’ successors after his death.

He is a Mormon. I am leaving Mormonism. I am enrolling in RCIA this season.

This is his ONLY hang-up with Catholicism.:banghead:

Mahalo & Aloha


Here’s what I recommend:

*Inside Mormonism: What Mormons Really Believe * by Isaiah Bennett
(Isaiah Bennett is a former Mormon) The author devotes considerable time to the issue of authority.

Article: Mormon Finds Home in Catholic Church by Steven M. Clifford
( His website has some incredible links that you will find helpful)

Tracts: Catholic Answers tracts on Mormonism:

God bless you! You and your husband are in my prayers.

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