Authors who write/wrote in the Chesterton mold

Can anyone point me in the direction of authors who write (or wrote) in much of the same style as Chesterton did. I love his wit, sense of humor and his ability to use paradoxes to turn peoples arguments upside down.

C.S. Lewis kind of comes close. Is there any other authors out there in the Chesterton mold? Or is he as good as it gets and completely unique in his writing style?

I am almost at the end of his writings :frowning:

God bless

I am almost at the end of his writings

Really?! I thought he wrote a thousand essays,some poems and bibliographies. I accept the fact that I may never read them all.

Check out this link. Maybe you haven’t read them all?

Thanks arvinsim. I have been to that web-site, lots of great work there.

Anyone one else have any suggestions?

God bless

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