Autistic Md. boy says he wants to resume relationship with girls accused of assault

I’m updating this story--------I first posted this some weeks ago.

This is an interview with the young male victim involved.

The 17-year old one of the two girls is being charged as an ADULT, Btw.

To anticipate those who would criticize his parents for allowing him to be interviewed-----I see it as the parents basically showing how developmentally unaware he is of the evil of what has occurred to him—therefore he is not the fully functioning autistic person who was aware of what was happening.

The parents are anticipating defense strategy, in other words.

“My son is a staunch defender of his tormentors; it’s embarrassing,” said Michael’s father, a federal government contracting analyst. “He may be more disabled than I convinced myself that he was and maybe more lost than I realized. That’s something I am going to have to deal with on a later day. Right now, I am trying to get justice for him and others like him.”

I agree with this.

“I think college hazing is an apt comparison,” Thompson said, arguing that Michael is hardly low-functioning or as vulnerable as media reports might suggest.

Oh. Dear. God. :(:mad:

May God have mercy on those two girls----hopefully they will ultimately come to understand the evilness and horribleness of their actions.

Let’s pray for them.

More proof of how far we have fallen. The fact that they took advantage of someone who they probably know still cares for them makes it even more repugnant. I tremble for our world, as always.

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us.

Amen. :thumbsup:

Praying for them all.

Me too. :signofcross:

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