Autistic son & "Furries"

I don’t think you are going to be able to reasonably support your position regarding furries using the Bible. Even if it WAS inherently sinful, it wouldn’t be specifically mentioned in the Bible because people were too busy trying not to starve back then to spend their time dressing up like animals. I think if you want to state your case, you should do so not from the angle of it being sinful, but of being and unwise expenditure of time and preventing your son from engaging in real human interaction. Then maybe suggest some more appropriate alternatives.

He can engage in real human interaction with other people by being into furry fandom. I have talked story online in a game and in person.

I knew some kid at a con on the mainland who wanted to be my friend one time when i went to a furry con.

And i’m sure this post won’t be read,since it’s supporting the kid in his hobby. But i feel if he isn’t hurting anyone,he should be allowed to pursue the hobby he likes.

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Probably not. The “furry” phenomenon is bizarre, though, if not flat-out creepy. I would also be at least a bit concerned if it were my son. Maybe you could go more with the angle that it’s not the best use of time, and steer or encourage him toward some better hobbies. What other things does he enjoy doing?

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Hi @Cloisters I would disregard comments along the line of the one I’ll quote next:

If you look at folklore, folk tales, art, cultures in basically every part of the world -from antiquity to modernity- you’ll find anthropomorphic figures mixing human and animal elements. Don’t be alarmed by anyone wanting to associate specific meanings to it !! Because there is no set meaning !!

In everyone of those cultures things are what people make of them. Anything going down the “Freudian sub-conciseness lascivious” cliché neglects that children/adults like to dress up as furries during Carnival. Anything going down the “Semiotic/Symbolic interpretation line” is almost certainly vague associative nonsense of the same kind.

Your son has a object of his preference -a sort of hobby. Some folks like comic books, others specific super-hero characters, and countless intelligent people hold INTENSE INTERESTS in a particular object for varying amounts of time. I tried to stop watching certain Marvel character movies, but the exact same super-heros keep me watching the same formula of movie, for me it works and never gets old. There’s also a habit to it. You get used to the same formula and that’s a lot easier and more expectable than discovering something new. Every time I try listening to a new musical genre it takes me a long time to get used to it.

If your son worked with Carnival costumes/fantasies or tending to livestock his interest in furries would quickly be substituted by something more palpable. (You do appreciate that folks partaking in Carnival parades spend LOTS of time during the year preparing their act. The same goes for taking care of livestock/pets, the animals are your responsibility and you have to take care of them everyday. So, perhaps your son’s interest works as a substitute for not having better forms of keeping himself busy. And there’s nothing wrong with furries in of itself, it’s an old familiar habit that entertains him, that he finds uncomplicated and likeable, and that’s why he returns to it…)

What about not steering him away from being a furry and what about letting him be a furry.

wow,they raised $1600.01 for charity for a Women and Children’s hospital

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@Cloisters in fact, I believe the bible says the opposite and gives an example praising your son: (did you see the furries in Venice and Rio de Janeiro?? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for me the following is eye candy - I’m certain your son would understand this. As I’m certain his interest in furries isn’t any different from those who take a liking in fantasy, masquerade, carivnal, cosplay, and all the forms of expression that allow one to change his skin, forget his problems, and enact an entertaining form -to himself and others- of living fantasy. )



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Those are not furries. They are not in animal costumes.

Join me in a laugh @Cloisters the above comment shows how so many don’t see the forest from the trees…

Here, have a lion. A half swan half Peafowl. And some flowers, just because…so you can complain that I don’t get the furries right :frowning:



Anata wa baka desu

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One thing i wonder is why no one is saying to encourage the person to be a furry and dress up as a cat,dog,fox or whatever?

I dress up as a fox and go to conventions where i live in my state and i have did fursuiting for charity and had made people smile.

Markplier’s brother i heard is also a furry who is a cartoonist.

First of all, you’re ignoring the fact that several of us including me and ad gloriam made generally supportive posts about the idea of someone being a furry. I realize that prejudice against furries is a pet peeve of yours because you have posted about it many, many times even before this thread came along. Sometimes we just have to accept that a lot of people find certain hobbies creepy for some reason that does not make total sense. I used to collect dolls, and the number of people who found creepy or sexual or otherwise immoral aspects to that was pretty astounding too.

Second, the situation here involves a person with a mental condition and limited resources who is at this point dependent to a large degree on his parents. Even if being a furry is perfectly okay – and my personal opinion is that it’s fine as long as you don’t commit sins as a result or go to extremes such as believing you’re really a cat and relieving yourself in a litter pan – the family might well be concerned about the person becoming obsessed with a particular fandom, with not having the money to support such a hobby (The fursuits are expensive, I know because a friend of mine had a business making them), or with the person being vulnerable in some other way because of their mental/ emotional condition.

It’s one thing for a non-vulnerable person living on their own and making their own money to decide, “Hey, I’m going to go be a furry” and proceed to be one. It’s another thing for somebody who’s more or less dependent on their parents and may be prone to obsession to want to be one.

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I saw a few surveys about there being aspergers people into furry. A aspergers forum called wrong planet even seems to have furry discussion at times.

I also know a few who think that Bronies or weeaboos are creepy.

Perhaps most interesting, however, was the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (in particular, Asperger’s Syndrome, or high-functioning autism) within the furry fandom. Approximately 4% of participants indicated that they had been diagnosed of Asperger’s Syndrome

Just under 2% of children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, so that’s not really significantly higher than the general population. I would have expected it to be higher, actually.

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I been on the internet for a long time and knowing what I know from that I ain’t letting a furry within 100 feet of my kid no more than I’d let him on DeviantArt or to a Brony con. It’s all so Creepy with a capital C.

You can defend being a furry till you’re blue in the face but you and I know that they get up to some awfully gross stuff, stuff I will not mention here. Seeing a furry dance around with a little innocent kid is just gross dude.

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seems some media is supportive of furries,compared to 20 years ago when it was “look at the freaks”

If you’re talking about some using their costumes for kinky pursuits,there are many who hate that side of the fandom and there are even call out blogs on tumblr exposing those who do that.

There are even fursuit makers who won’t make those kind of costumes,and if they find someone has made a costume like that,they will refuse futher service with them.

Never knew it was a thing at all, let alone a “creepy thing.”

Many? Like a dozen? All the evidence I’ve ever seen points towards the vast majority of them being into it as a sex thing, and it goes beyond regular intercourse into truly bizarre and physically impossible acts.

Again, it’s a free country and you can’t really stop the gross sexual stuff, but getting innocent kids involved? I don’t know where that fursuit’s been and I don’t know who’s in it. Anyone who approaches my boy dressed up like a rainbow sparkle dog is going to get sent right back to where they come from.

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