Autistic son & "Furries"


Whatever pastime somebody enjoys, whether it’s furries, heavy metal, tattoos, donuts, video games, etc there’s going to be somebody out there who has a problem with it. That’s their prerogative.

Fortunately, it’s a free country and people are allowed to engage in their pursuits, and as long as the Church hasn’t condemned it and it’s not leading the individual person into sin, then not a problem.


Yeah, probably there are cosplayers that wear their Superman outfit, but that isn’t my point. And Superman is still a human(like alien), not a wolf or kitsune. And cosplay doesn’t have anywhere near the reputation for depravity that furries do. You can’t tell me “oh well there are other sub-groups” because I know what furries and bronies and all the other flavors of extremely-online weirdos do.

OP, you are right to be concerned. It is Creepy.


Where you getting that stuff about the majority from?

All the intel i found says for many it isn’t a sexual thing

o, it’s not a “fetish”

Furry sex is what one FAU furry, “Alex” — an opossum character chose to remain anonymous in both name and fursona — calls the “elephant in the room.”

The “main misconception,” they said, is that being a furry means you have a twisted fetish.

Part of the reason that this misconception is common is because of the portrayals of furries on television and the internet. One such portrayal was an infamous episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” called “Fur and Loathing.”

In the episode, a furry is alleged to be a murderer and is brought in for an interrogation. The cops’ line of questioning eventually leads him to admit that he, at some point in the crime’s timeline, participated in a “furpile,” defined as “when all the animals start rubbing and wiggling.”

Furries argue that not only are these portrayals unrepresentative of the community, but they also have unfortunate consequences.

Furries dress up like animals and have sex.
Partial (usually a head, hands and feet) or full animal suits (called fursuits) aren’t uncommon among furries, but not every furry wears a fursuit. In fact, the majority of furries will never own a fursuit. Of those who do own one or more fursuits, only a fraction of those will actually have sex while wearing one. Fursuits are also expensive even if made by yourself, difficult to clean, and easily cause overheating. Because of that, it’s rarely ideal to use the suits in sexual acts. Overall, only a small percent of furries will have sex while dressed as an animal.

Furries revealed: Study finds only 4% of enthusiasts say their ‘fandom’ is about sex (although 35% of the public thinks otherwise)

  • A study analyzed annual surveys going back to 2009 to find out more on furries
  • It found that just 4 percent of furries rank sex an important part of the lifestyle
  • Nearly a quarter are Christian, and another 12% practice a different religion

All the research seems to say that you are wrong in your beliefs about furries.


I’ve never found it creepy. I actually think the videos of the fursuit parades at the cons are pretty cute, and some of the suits are very nicely made with a lot of attention to detail.

To the extent that a handful of people who hang around all fandoms are perverts or predators, I find the perversion and the predation creepy, not the fact that they’re dressed like a rabbit, Princess Leia, or in rock n’ roll gear.


The Daily Mail headline is extremely misleading. The raw data shows that the majority of furries find sex to be an at least somewhat aspect of the fandom.

Furthermore, the raw data used, available at the link below, is self-reported, and shows that while 8-20% (depending on year) of respondents reply"1" as “sex is important” on a scale of 1-10, the other 92-80% rank it as somewhere in between a 1 and 10, which a peak at “5” at between 6% and 14%, which itself is that it is somewhat important. Roughly then, based on this data, 60% of respondents reported that sex was somewhat important as an aspect of the fandom for them personally.

A quick review of the Wikipedia page shows several studies with corroborative findings that roughly 3/4 of the random consider sexuality as either very important or somewhat important with the remaining quarter not interested in it.

That’s the end of this for me. This conversation is quickly becoming too gross, but I believe that I have presented enough information that shows that furries are at least somewhat, if not very, sexual for two-thirds to three-quarters of the fandom.


One thing though is there seems discrimation against many who are furries.

Like i had a person actually threaten to set my fursuit on fire and seen mothers running away with their kids.

And a few even been threatened.

I been also banned from some forums as well for talking about furry stuff,which feel can be viewed as discrimination.

Is the discrimination just?

i feel it isn’t at all.

I know that Anime has a sexual side as well. I seen at a anime con someone selling anime rule 34(i kid you not).


Mostly because it is a really weird thing for and adult to do. There is a creep factor to it. No offense, but when I see this I think to myself doesn’t that person have a family, a house, a job, a volunteer job, or something else that is a hobby but also contrbuting something positive for society? But I say the same thing when I hear about grown men forfeiting their free time playing video games, so maybe it is just because I am older.

Nothing adorable about a grown person acting like a child. Dress-ups is for kids, in my opinion.


Most of them are professionals. Like i heard some who are airplane pilots,Information Technology professionals,and such,even one works for Nintendo of America. It is something they do in their freetime.

"When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

― C.S. Lewis


This whole discussion reminds me of when I went to the Gathering of the Juggalos just because I had heard so many people making derogatory remarks about Juggalos and how they were all losers who lived in trailer parks, etc. The first day I was there I saw a whole group of guys around late 20s-30s wearing T-shirts with an area code I was really familiar with. I went over and introduced myself and the first guy I talked to was a doctor and a couple more were other similar medical personnel or educated things.

Assumptions are dangerous things.


I’m a happily married man and I mean this in the most platonic way possible, but I would dearly love to get a beer with you someday, because I feel like Bear got some stories worth hearing.


Certainly people from all walks of life can be furries. The point I was trying to make in my previous post was that it seems like engaging in that is wasting time that could be spent doing something more wholesome. Obviously, it is my opinion, and doesn’t count for much.


I think most of the regulars on CAF have had very interesting lives. We’d make for a heckuva meetup.

I’ll be sure and wear my bear costume to the icebreaker bar night so people can recognize me. It is not a fursuit though, just a festival suit.


I don’t think that this thread is a good place to use that quote because it’s missing the point that JMMJ made. It’s not about thinking I’m too grown up to do those things. It’s about thinking that it’s a waste of time with not much redeeming value.


What about the Charity like making kids smile and such? I seen videos of fursuiting for foster kids and such and raising money for charities like extralife.

That has got to count for something.


Yes that’s great. But that sort of thing usually requires training. That’s not really what we’re talking about here. Nobody thinks the guy who does Santa Clause at the mall during Christmas is weird (don’t say it). But a Santa Clause convention that is simply for the sake of dressing up as Santa Clause is different…and slightly weird and fetishish. Elvis impersonators are at least based on a real human being that is fun to impersonate. That’s probably about where most people draw the line…at Elvis impersonators.


Yea, educated successful people can be ‘weirdos’ too.



This stuff doesn’t have anything to do with the Disney I watched as a kid. I know they went off the rails with the homosexual agenda but the Disney I remember was Johnny Shiloh, The Swamp Fox and Davy Crockett…well Crockett did wear a coonskin cap but nope none of this whatever it is. Heck you wouldn’t be able to carry your rifle let alone fire it.


Since I was there, and I am reasonably well educated and doing okay in life, count me in with the “weirdos” too I reckon.
I had a lot of fun, and none of it was sinful fun.
A lot of these events are what you make of them - if you go with the expectation of doing a lot of bad/ dirty things, that’s what you’ll do. If you go with the expectation of just having a PG-rated good time, that’s what’ll happen.


You remember Robinhood? The disney version?

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