Autistic son & "Furries"

And people might scorn being a furry. But who knows,one day it could become a socially acceptable hobby. I remember when i was growing up that i was beat up and bullied for reading Dragonlance books and painting minatures, but now the very people who did that stuff to me in the 80’s and early 90’s are calling themselves nerds and are into the stuff as well.

I see I started a tempest in a teapot. I have read your replies with interest, as I am trying to educate myself on the subject.

I spoke with him, asking if he got a fursuit, what would it be. He said a Canaan dog, which would be a representation of our first Canaan dog, Michael ben Ezra Taft Benson. I would insist that he be educated in the proper use of a fursuit, and sign a covenant that he would use it for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. No kinky, immoral stuff. He wouldn’t be permitted to be alone at cons, though. I could attend as a freelance reporter.

Furries are borderline synonymous with sexual promiscuity. Unfortunately if you’re a furry today then you’re most likely committing sins left and right only because the environment enables it.

I’ll pray for him, but in the meantime, make sure you put a parent filter on that PC!

All the info i have found is that there are some furries who hate that side of the fandom.

No, it’s not a “fetish”

Furry sex is what one FAU furry, “Alex” — an opossum character chose to remain anonymous in both name and fursona — calls the “elephant in the room.”

The “main misconception,” they said, is that being a furry means you have a twisted fetish.

Part of the reason that this misconception is common is because of the portrayals of furries on television and the internet. One such portrayal was an infamous episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” called “Fur and Loathing.”

In the episode, a furry is alleged to be a murderer and is brought in for an interrogation. The cops’ line of questioning eventually leads him to admit that he, at some point in the crime’s timeline, participated in a “furpile,” defined as “when all the animals start rubbing and wiggling.”

Furries argue that not only are these portrayals unrepresentative of the community, but they also have unfortunate consequences.

Most furries are part of the fandom for genuinely platonic reasons. According to the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP), most males and females said they were “not at all” influenced by sex or porn to be a furry.

I even saw one report that said that some furries are offended if a person thinks that the thing is mostly sexual.

Every fandom(yes every fandom) has sexual content to some degree. You’re kidding yourself if you say otherwise. Star trek has kirk/picard slash fiction ranging from G to XXX,same with other fandoms like anime.

Do you have a source for that? What I’m finding online states the contrary

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I wonder if people even read articles that state what they think are wrong. Cause seems they seem to like skip over the articles and think it’s only about sex. I never use my fursuit for anything like that. You can pass out in fursuit,and many fursuit makers have a warranty that gets voided if a fursuit has been traded to a third party or been used for sex or been altered in anyway and the worker will refuse to work on it as stated in workers TOS,and many fursuit makers won’t make a fursuit like that at all,and if they want them to make a fursuit like that,then the maker will refuse to make the fursuit. Yeah,but the facts don’t seem to matter.

Whenever anyone who obviously has no knowledge of what they are talking about other than they read something on the Internet comes out with some blanket statement like “X is borderline synonymous with sexual promiscuity”, you would do well to consider the source and ignore it. I know I don’t have time to respond to everybody who lacks firsthand knowledge of what they are talking about.

I could show you people that would say every recreation I have done in my life except maybe go on pilgrimages to holy shrines is “borderline synonymous with sexual promiscuity” or with some serious sin or other.

By the same token, I know you are a furry and you have posted many times about your frustration with the societal biases against furries, but you aren’t going to change the minds of people who have zero interest in the subculture anyway. Haters gonna hate.

Clearly you haven’t been reading enough fundamentalist baptists. According to them there’s some spicy stuff going on at those shrines…

Sexual deviancy has been a favorite accusation against disliked groups since humans discovered sex.

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My wife helped organize London’s comic-con last year. She has zero interest in comics really so for her it is just part of a job organizing events. In any case, this is about the third year she has done it. The venue it is in is rather awkward to navigate. I only went to one event she helped with which was a guitar show one as she got me tickets which gave me fairly big discounts if I bought anything. She points out the main problem with the guys wearing the furry suits is they tend to virtually knock themselves out walking into corners and so forth due to the physical layout of the place and the limited visibility some of the costumes offer. Other than that the event organizers and staff find them a bit eccentric but harmless on the whole.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with simply dressing up in an animal costume but there is a dark underside to the “furries” scene so I would definitely discourage it.

On the vocations subject, if his autism is severe enough to qualify for disability SSI, then chances are he wouldn’t be able to be accepted into the priesthood. I’m not sure about other religious vocations but many probably do have evaluations that he would need to pass and having qualified for SSI may not look good for his case, I’m not sure.

Every fandom(yes every fandom) has a sexual side. There is a sexual side to anime,i actually saw a vendor at a anime con selling anime rule 34 and stuff like Yaoi.

There is actually a video clip of someone bringing up the adult side of my little pony.

His job coach said he has coached people with less disability than my son and they had SSI. Good point about the vocation being affected, though. But, as I always say, if God wants you there, He will put you there.

I thought he was doing the Spiritual Exercises, but he’s stuck on the Preface of the book. That’s a good thing, I guess.

Yup. You can’t see out of a fursuit and you need a handler to guide you around. I can count the number of times i have walked into walls and such. I have seen videos of people playing guitar in fursuit, that looks hard. Since you can’t see the fretboard so you don’t know where to put your fingers.

There’s a video of a bloke in one running around a Mall in Norway to do a video for a metal song miming on a flying V guitar. The guy must be a) super fit and b) have really good vision and situational awareness as at points he goes up escalators and runs around shops etc. The mall staff obviously probably were asked could he do it as he runs around for some time but look on shoppers face as he does it is amusing.

Here, this is the video I mean:-

Here is a fursuit video i found.

This drumming cat thing is great. Whoever is in there is a pretty good drummer:-

That seems a bit of an over-reaction, must have been having a bad day or something.

Image that is so true

Metalwolf, even if furry stuff in itself isn’t bad, the degree to which you seem to be obsessed with it seems unhealthy. I think you need to stop marveling that most people find this weird and just accept that your hobby is very much a minority taste.

Which is fine: you’re allowed to do what you want, and no one should harass you over it. But we’re allowed to find it weird.

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