Auto-Tune the News

Does anyone else enjoy this series?

They’ve released their ninth video, this time about the UN, health care and the Noble Peace Prize.

One of my friends adores it! I’ve seen some of them, and I do like them, but I don’t really watch them now because I’m worried about the possible copyright violations involved in the videos (footage taken from news channels). :confused:

I respect you for your principled commitment not to violate copyright. Its not an attitude I’ve not seen expressed much in this forum, at least when it comes to YouTube.

I am not familiar with Irish law, but the US has a legal principle called the Fair Use Doctrine.

Small news clips would be permissible under this doctrine, so by US law, I think Auto-Tune the News is legal.

Cool - I assume that because Auto-Tune the News is made in the States (as opposed to Ireland), the US laws, rather than whatever equivalent laws we have here in Ireland, would cover Irish views as well.

Man, I really need to find out more about Irish copyright laws…

Thanks Dale!! :smiley:

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