Autobiography of St. Gemma Galgani

Autobiography of St. Gemma Galgani

Diary of St. Gemma Galgani

It is awesome :thumbsup: St Gemma went to confession three times a week, and went to mass and receive communion three times a week

She’s one of my favorite saints. She was quite a beautiful young lady too, judging by her pictures. I’m not saying that other saints aren’t beautiful but St. Gemma’s eyes mesmerize me everytime I see them. Her story is a very unique one with the crucifix that comes alive and the way she was attacked by evil.

Please pray for us, St. Gemma.

Yes, beautiful and humble.

Maybe she didn’t have a mirror :smiley: Or never looked at one because it tempts one to vanity

I have to say, that bit worries me. Assuming she was not committing mortal sins very frequently, surely going to confession so often shows scrupulosity in the extreme? Or a lack of trust in God’s mercy?

Remember, we do not have to emulate every deed of a saint, even if they have been canonised, nor are they necessarily right in everything they say or do.

The benefits of the sacrament of Confession give a person grace each time one goes. This benefit is a very worthwhile and helpful grace.

If I recall, there was a time when St. Charles Borromeo, Archbishop, went twice a day.

One need not have mortal sins to go to Confession regularly, far from it.

This is why I am always happy when I see the priests offering Confession before every Mass, both the dailies and the Sundays…


I want to tell everybody, Shin is the owner of

Great site and had brought salvation to my soul!!

Shin, thanks for listening to my advice of putting your site in the signature, but to add my recommendation, you should write “Saints Books” or “Saints Books for free”, instead of just books

“Saints Forums” and “Purity and Modesty Resources” are fine as well, they will help a LOT of people and they will be thankful to you. For all eternity.


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There is no need to say anything about me Mariafrancisca, these sites are about the saints.

I desire to efface myself from the sites as entirely as can be done.

‘And then, turning to myself, I say: “When thou hearest thyself named, or listenest to words which perhaps may seem to praise thee, know that they are not spoken of what is thine; for the only virtue and glory thou hast belong to God, and thou hast at least in thine earthly and carnal nature no more conformity with good than has the demon; but when evil is spoken of thee, remember that all could not be said which is in reality true; thou art unworthy even to be called worthless, because to speak of thee at all lends thee a fictitious value.”’

St. Catherine of Genoa

Then you should minus “Inspirational” and add “Saints Books”

People are very interested in saints books :slight_smile:

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I pray that others spread the saints’ writings as best they can, in their signatures, websites, emails, etc. :smiley: There’s nothing like a quote, prayer or book from a saint.

Horray! :smiley:

You’re welcome. And thank YOU

Maybe you should add the saints prayers on the signature. It’s excellent. Minus the Sensus traditionis :stuck_out_tongue: everyone.

We are called to be great saints!

Thank you and you too are welcome. Deo gratias. :slight_smile:

‘Can You see that as soon as the day breaks I think of You? As evening comes, I am near You. I am near You at every moment. I love You, Jesus!’

St. Gemma Galgani

Well, I feel as if, if people go to the quotes or the books the rest they will find the prayers too, so I do not want to neglect the good sermons of Fr. R. :slight_smile:

Prayer is the key to everything. Without grace nothing good is actually accomplished, though exteriorly it may seem so. We focus too much on the outward, not enough on the inward. We gain grace through prayer, mortification, and good works done with a pure intention.

That is why I love the saints prayers site :slight_smile:

Pray without ceasing. Thanks Shin for putting up all those.

You’ve done a wonderful Job. Only need to promote it more… Maybe it’s because I am a woman :smiley:

If you like sermons, I would recommend you

Father Vernard Poslusney gives excellent talk.

Just ignore the Maria Valorta, it’s a bit suspicious and not yet approved by the catholic church.

I will try harder in my own little way. I apologize for doing such a poor job.

The Saints’ Prayers is the part of the site that needs the most work I think, there are many more that could be added, but more help is needed. A great deal of material I have on hand, and have been asked to include, old poetry, old hymns, etc. but. . .

Well in time perhaps there will be more volunteers. All in God’s time.

‘When I was calm (I speak thus because I had a little fear) the voice continued: “Oh Gemma, the Blessed Margaret is so afflicted because of you (at this point it seemed to me that I heard a sigh); she loves you, she would like to obtain for you so many favors, she would like to cure you, to make you all hers, but she cannot: the heart of Jesus restrains her because you pray so little, and with no devotion.” Here the voice ceased. I felt happy, because I thought suddenly that Jesus is merciful, that He would have pardoned me; I wanted to say: “And if I pray with devotion from now on and if I begin the Novena again, if I become good, will Jesus cure me?” But I could not speak the words.’

St. Gemma Galgani

Yes… There are some images and links on that site I would not want to have seen.

Father Venard is a friend of Archbishop Fulton Sheen and had done ministries with him.

Listen to his explanations about Interior Castle, excellent. :thumbsup:

Shin, I would also recommend you Archbishop Fulton Sheen mp3s

They are available for free

You can download the youtube videos using a free program called atube catcher

May the merciful Jesus bless you :slight_smile:

If the website is hard to read, you can generate a pdf file for the autobiography by clicking pdf at the end of each page. :thumbsup:


St. Gemma Galgani, please Pray for us all. Amen.

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