Automatic censorship for Television?

I wish if there were a program to censor those foul languages in TV shows and movies. There are so many movies that use God’s name in vain and foul language.

I can remember when TV was censored -in the 50s through the mid-70s. The advent of cable (which is not regulated) caused the demise of censorship.

Your first round of defense is the remote, so easy to use.

Some newer TVs have menus you can set to not show content above a certain level (e.g. MA, 14, Y, :wink: etc…)

I don’t know if you were trying to directly answer the OP’s question, but ratings doesn’t seem to be affected by the misuse of God’s name. A parental guidance movie or “M” rated could have blasphemies that the viewer didnt expect.

Best censorship tool is still the “off” button.


An even better tool is the trash can.


Pretty much the only things I watch on tv are EWTN or sports related. The rest of tv seems like trash

I love EWTN also, I find the food channel pretty fun and non offensive, I like watching them visit places that I dare not go.

There is, at least for movies:

I’ve not seen it used myself, so I’m not exactly sure how it works, but perhaps it is what you are looking for?

I was looking at the ClearPlay a little more and they have 14 different categories of inappropriateness which you can choose to leave on or turn off on an individual basis:

[list]]Strong Action Violence: Removes excessive violence, including fantasy violence.
]Gory/Brutal Violence: Removes brutal and graphic violent scenes.
]Disturbing Images: Removes gruesome and other disturbing images.[/list]
Sex and Nudity:
]Sensual Content: Removes highly suggestive and provocative situations and dialogue.
]Crude Sexual Content: Removes crude sexual language and gestures.
]Nudity: Removes nudity, including partial and risque art nudity.
]Explicit Sexual Situations: Removes explicit sexual dialogue, sound and activity.[/list]
]Vain Reference to Deity: Removes vain or irreverent reference to God or a deity.
]Crude Language and Humor: Removes crude language and bodily humor.
]Ethnic and Social Slurs: Removes ethnically or socially offensive insults.
]Cursing: Removes profane uses of "hll" and "d
]Strong Profanity: Removes swear-words, including strong profanities such as "a
" and "s
]Graphic Vulgarity: Removes graphic vulgarities, including "f
[list]*]Explicit Drug Use: Removes vivid scenes of illegal drug use.[/list]

That’s a really good idea. Thank you. That shouldn’t be very hard to do for Blu-ray. I’ve put it on my “to do” list.

Daddums :slight_smile:

Clearplay looks good, only problem is it only works on movies they’ve processed. So if your tastes are much outside the mainstream, you may be out of luck.

I assume what you download from them are time cues for the movie being watched, and it just interrupts or skips past the audio or video at the appropriate times. That gets around the problems an earlier service faced, where you had to buy the movie, send it to them, and they sent you back an edited copy. The studios were claiming those were “illegal copies”.

Many years ago, I saw a device that worked on TV broadcasts by watching the closed-caption feed for foul language, and muting the audio. Haven’t seen mention of it lately, it may have folded. I imagine there were a lot of misses, as closed caption isn’t always well sync’d with the audio.

They do have over 2400 movies processed with more added each week, so they should at least appeal to most people. You can also send them requests if you want them to do a particular movie they haven’t done yet. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll definitely do it. I didn’t see “Pulp Fiction” on their list. Perhaps they realized the movie would end up being 20 minutes long and mostly silent :wink:

It’s sad that “pushing the envelope” means ending up with vile, profanity filled movies and television, along with softcore porn. The goal, of course, is more graphic porn. The envelope is on fire. I encourage evryone to complain, reasonably and politely. Tell them what you really think.

God bless,

I’m not going to petition the FCC for censorship. I like my freedom to watch whatever I want to watch.

I’m not going to petition the FCC either. I disconnected my TV. Foul language travels at the speed of sound and pornographic images travel at the speed of light. Both are faster than a remote which means there is only one way to keep them out of my home. TV is a guest in the home and there are rules for guests in a civil society. If a guest comes into my house and uses foul language or brings porn they will be asked to leave and they will not be invited back.

Daddums :slight_smile:

There actually is an ad campaign for parental controls (on television) that uses a similar approach. It shows a parent talking to a “character” from a TV show or movie. The parent will sit the character down in their living room and say “Sorry, I’m going to have to block you.”

It certainly is a good point. It’s not censorship, it’s just taking responsibility for what goes on in your own house.

Well I would keep my language clean in your home, but in mine all is fair game.

In that case you would be a welcomed guest.

Daddums :slight_smile:

on the other hand, the V-Chip is really a way for the TV industry to produce anything it wants, and leave it up to you to block what you don’t want.

It doesn’t do anything to increase the civility of society. We still have to cope with the people who think using foul language or dressing skimpily is a normal accepted part of public behaviour since they saw it on TV, even if we blocked it. And people don’t have implanted V-chips to block their language and behaviour. (Yet?)

So I’m of mixed mind about whether the V-chip is overall good or bad.

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