Automatic excommunication and Pope

Can a Pope be automatically excommunicated?

Oh, please please tell me this isn’t part of a prelude to the claim (or even one that you’ve heard) that “Pope Francis has done such-and-such, so he’s automatically excommunicated”… :nope:

I would be more concerned with your own membership in the church.

Rather than seeing some ad hominem attacks, will I get a genuine answer from this forum?

You are entitled to that “in the abstract”. Accordingly . . .

I am no canon lawyer and Dan would be the better person to answer this but . . .

My understanding for my brief course in canon law in seminary is that Excommunication is a creature of canon law. The Pope is the final arbiter of all canon law issues, i.e judge and jury (it is sometimes said that canon law does not apply to the Pope). Accordingly I believe that if the Pope says or does something which may arguably be “excommunicatable”, he would have already decided that such conduct will not result in an excommunication.

No, but you can…

On average, the Church is in crisis every 500 years. If contrived controversy over a single footnote in a Papal document is the worst she faces, we’ll be all right. We seem to be in the mis-information age; one in which little is known about history and much about hysteria.

Not to my knowledge, The pope is head of the church and rules it as he sees fit. We just cannot excommunicate a pope by popular vote, this is not a democracy. Give Pope Francis a chance, he is highly intelligent and has a great love for god. He may bring new ideas, but those new ideas might not be terrible. Please tell me this post is not directed at our current pope as that may be a egregious sin, If it’s not and just a hypothetical I apologize.

No. Excommunication is part of the Church’s positive law, which has no coercive power over a pope.

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