Automatic Sainthood?


I had someone quiz me on the faith this past weekend and I have never heard this one before so thought this group would be the place to go to get the answer.

Has anyone ever heard that a women who has 13 or more children gets a free ticket to sainthood? Honestly, this guy was serious. He grew up Catholic (is no longer) in a very large family and they were always taught that a women who had a large family (in that time I guess 13 was the magic number) is an automatic saint. I have never heard this before ,never read this before, so I was pretty dumbfounded but didn’t want to say “no.” I just said I would try to find out.

And since we were talking about that—what about the mother of a priest? Have you ever heard that the mother of a priest will automatically go to heaven? Are these old teachings? I have never heard them before.

Thanks for any help you can throw my way.



The Catholic Church does not teach the heretical doctrine of assurance of salvation, and does not teach **anyone **“automatically” goes to heaven. The Church has never taught any such thing.

Your friend, the former Catholic, is confused and very wrong. How sad that he would leave the Church founded by Christ and know so little about it that he would go around asserting such complete and utter nonsense.

Maybe his mother, with such a large brood, teased them about being a Saint and he took her seriously.


I think the only “automatic” means of gaining sainthood is martyrdom, red martyrdom.

It is my understanding that if you are told to renounce your faith on pain of death, refuse, and are killed, the Church teaches you will go immediately to Heaven.

God Bless


No that would be wrong the number of children you have does not give a special pass to sainthood. Definitely not Catholic teaching.

The Catholic Church canonizes or beatifies only those whose lives have been marked by the exercise of heroic virtue, and only after this has been proved by common repute for sanctity and by conclusive arguments.
See above link for more on canonization of saints.


I would have to guess than anyone who has/raises 13 children has already logged her time in purgatory?!


This is what I was taught in RCIA, although 1ke’s post makes sense. Hmmm… Now’s the time for a little bit of research! :smiley:



And here I thought I was doing well on that front with 3 kids…


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