Autumn Kelly renounces her catholic faith

I wonder if she ever heard of Edmund Campion. I don’t think she reads much history. Maybe her reading material is more like Barbara Cartland novels. What a pity for the English Catholics who went to their graves defending their faith. Autumn probably thinks the word “witness” means someone who witnesses a crime. Why do we do such a poor job in educating our young in Catholic history?

“A Man for All Seasons” is one of my favorite movies!!! My husband does a great impression of Paul Scoffield doing that exact quote. It’s such a great quote.

Yes, I am sometimes confused by the different identities of Anglicans. When I first went over to England for my studies, I attended a mass where the church was called a “Catholic Church”. I can’t remember what the name of it was. I attended mass there my first Sunday in London. (This was also my first time ever abroad as I was only 20 at the time.) I remember thinking that everything during the mass was the same with a couple of exceptions. One, they received communion kneeling at the altar rail with their tongue. I just thought that English Catholics still received the sacrament in that way, so it didn’t strike me as strange at the time. (Now I know that there are still Catholic parishes that do that, especially ones that do the TLM.)

The other difference was that they had an incredible music liturgy with very appropriate and reverent music with a choir. It wasn’t until after the mass when I was invited for tea and other refreshments that I discovered that they weren’t Roman Catholic, but what they called “Anglican-Catholic”. Then there was a little side note by the priest and a few others telling me they weren’t supposed to, but that this parish actually followed the Pope in Rome. This even further confused me, then I realized that even if they did claim they were following Rome, I still may have not received the Sacrament. Anyway, the people were just so lovely and giving and one of the parishioners, finding out that I was of the Roman Rite took me to the closest Roman Rite Catholic Church near my flat which was also one of the oldest Catholic Churches in London that wasn’t destroyed or turned into an Anglican church by Henry VIII - St. Etheldreda’s. They received communion like we did in the States - in a line, but there music liturgy was similar to do that of the Anglican-Catholic Church. I continued to attend mass there and other Catholic churches for the rest of my time studying in London.

:eek: I think you’ll find he would beg to differ with you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant tolerate the concept of royality. The idea of deffering to someone merely on their societal status is sickening to me, and I don’t, never have, and never will do it. I once refused a position in a situation ( I know that sounds vague but I dont want to elaborate) because it would have meant saluting a member of the British royalty, and I refused the detail.

It would be fair to state I dont like any so called royals of any description, but I reserve particular distain for the British Monarchy.

God Bless then All :smiley:

Autumn kelly said in the Hello! interview, the “switch” was no problem. “In my eyes,” she opinedd, “it is, after all, the same religion.”

Are we talking intellectual giant Here? Does the Roman Catholic Church now have three divisions: high church, broad church and low church? Do we have female priests? Do we have a bishop who committed adultery while he was married and is now in a same sex relationship? Where is this airhead coming from?

What are they teaching our children in Catholic schools that she would think that? We are the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church with a 2,000 year history.

I am quite sure, though, that she will be as attentive an Anglican as she was a Roman Catholic. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Re: Peter Phillips

Common, not commoner. The royal list of shame.

I think 'Prince Peter" will take a title now that he is married. Amber looks to be an ambitious girl. What’s the saying: Don’t wish for what you want, you might get it?

For centuries the royal family has been more common than royal. Henry VIII was a murderer, adulterer, thief and general all around lecher. He executed Protestants and Catholics alike; Elizabeth I had young lovers (one was the son of a former lover); James I was homosexual; ditto William of Orange; Queen Anne was a drunkard; Mary II usurped her father’s throne and threw him in exile and called her half-brother a “changeling.”. Charles II had 14 illegimate children by many women; George I imprisoned his wife for 30 years and brought his two mistresses to the coronation; George IV abandoned two wives: Caroline and Mary Anne FitzHerbert. He had the doors to the church locked so she (Caroline) could not come to his coronation. William IV was the father of 9 illegitimate children by Dorothy Jordan; Edward VII had many married mistresses, whose husbands willingly acquiested to the royal will. Edward VIII was a carbon copy of Grandpa, Eddie VII with his married mistresses. The two Princes are a disgrace with their drinking, mooning at parties and shacking up with each and every girlfriend. Even Princess Ann was a sleep about before and after her marriage. Three of the Queen’s four children have been divorced and divorce is forbidden in the Anglican Church, of which she is the Head. The list of shame is endless. This is Peter’s pedigree and he is part and parcel of it, commoner or not.

If Autum wants to be in that dysfunctional family, pray for her. She may end up like Diana or Fergy.

Only an ignorant talks like that.

What good is that doing you :frowning: ?

i wish the spanish armada would have won. nothing good came from the protestant reformation in england. now it’s a hedonistic cess pool of a country.

i get angry about the falkland war too.

## England was delivered from the Armada in 1588. The present year is 2008 - 420 years later. To blame the current state of affairs, in any country, on events that happened well over 400 years ago makes no sense - one might as well blame the state of the US economy on the sack of Rome by the Goths in 410 AD. Far too much has happened in the meantime for the many events even of the English Reformation (itself part of a much larger complex of events) to be blamed (or praised, for that matter) as somehow uniquely the cause of anything today, in the British Isles or anywhere else. Causation in history is not that straightforward.** **

:thumbsup: Amen Brother Amen.

A mere mortal man?:rotfl:

Tomorrow, 5/17/08 is the wedding, If I thought the girl had any faith at all, was coerced into renouncing Catholicism, or felt any guiltt or remorse, I would wear black. But I dont’s think so, So I will just ignore the day and say “riddance to bad rubbish.”

Sleep well in Christ, Thomas More, Edmund Campion, Countess Salisbury and all the others who died for their faith rather than renounce it. ,

What a sad story, hopefully she will realize what she has done.
She needs prayers for sure.

This is startling news and confirms my initial comment on Catholic teaching of our young people.

Autumn kelly was baptized in St. John Fisher R,C, Church and attended St. Thomas More High School.

These are two of the greatest english Saints – Saints who died in defense of their faith and that twit doesn’t know or doesn’t care. No, she did not sell her soul for Wales, but for $1,000,000 for pictures of her wedding. St. John Fisher was the beloved tutor of the boy Henry Tudor, later Henry VIII and Thomas More was the dearest friend of Henry VIII and his true Queen, and he turned on them in an instant. The royal family are descendants of this monster and the genes will show when Autumn dispeases them.

She is already in trouble with Granny for the pictures. I don’t give this marriage much traction. As I said pray for her. She may in all likelihood end up like diana or Sara Ferguson. Peter has proved that his loyalty is to his family and not her.

Wow, all this for what? I feel sorry for her, she is giving up so much for so little.

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