Auxilium Christianorum Prayers while in state of mortal sin

I have been wanting to start saying the prayers of the Auxilium Christianorum and have downloaded the app with these prayers. I have talked to my priest and he said it would be fine to say them, but since then, I have fallen into a state of mortal sin. I noticed that in the Requirements on the website, it says that “none of the requirements bind under pain of sin”…

So, does this mean that you cannot say the prayers until you have had a full confession and absolution of sins? Or would it be alright to begin saying them beforehand? Naturally, I plan on going to confession this weekend when my priest is available. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

It means that if you don’t do them, you do not incur sin for not doing them. You can, however, commit a sin if you fail to do them knowingly and purposefully out of spite.

Spiritual warfare while in a state of mortal sin is a very, very bad idea either way though.

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