Availablity of EWTN in Canada

Does anybody have any idea why it takes so much red tape to get EWTN in Canada through the cable companies.

It seems that there isn’t a provider out there who doesn’t want an extra 3.99 a month to obtain it.

I think what I’m asking is, why are other religous television networks like Vision so easy to get, but with EWTN you have to jump through a few hoops?

I thought it was a free Global Network, why doesn’t anybody offer it freely like the other religous stations?

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That’s brother, Padre.
And it was an honest question really.

oops sorry! the OP was honest? I know that. sorry for getting off topic with this post :blush:

Yeah…my cable company seems to list it in the same area as the AOV channel.

That kinda bugged me.

I think it’s more that EWTN is the kinda station that should be more freely widespread in Canada.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any trouble they had getting CRTC approval or whatever.

I don’t watch EWTN, so I don’t know if it is true, but I read here in CAF that its programming is not cut to allow for local commercials. Perhaps the $3.99/mo charge is to make up for loss of revenue?

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