Avatar's sappy, 'dumbed down' spirituality

Avatar’s sappy, ‘dumbed down’ spirituality
Written by John Bentley Mays,

Hardly a week into its inaugural run, Hollywood’s big Christmas release, Avatar, evolved from just another holiday blockbuster into a full-scale cultural phenomenon. It skipped past $1 billion in box office receipts faster than any film in history and by the end of January it had become the first movie ever to gross more than $2 billion.

Millions have seen Avatar, critics have heaped praise on it and it’s currently up for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director (James Cameron.)

Though I didn’t like Avatar — I’ll explain my reasons in a moment — I can understand its immense appeal to its target demographic, young men 14 to 24. Cameron has used the most advanced computer-imaging technology now available to create a fantastic tropical world (actually a remote moon in another solar system, called Pandora) in which good and evil are clearly defined, as in video games, and inexorably pitted against one another. One young fan reportedly wrote a web posting in which he declared his willingness to commit suicide here and now, if only he could be assured of rebirth on Pandora. Growing up into the morally muddled present-day world, it appears, makes many admire the ethical simplicity of Cameron’s film.

It’s just a movie! It’s a piece of fiction.

And yet so far I’ve seen Christians and Catholic obsessing over it much more than anyone else. If someone is having trouble separating fiction from reality then they have a much greater problem then the “‘dumbed down’ spirituality” of the movie Avatar. They need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist and get their head on straight.

We only have so many people “fighting the good fight”, and we should be focusing on the important areas where we can make a difference: fighting against abortion, gay marriage and other moral issues along with fighting poverty and other social ills. Not whether or not someone saw a movie.

:May have a hint of spoilers:

While the movie itself was enjoyable, I disliked the Nav’i’s side solely because it irritated me how much James Cameron gave to them against human (Cough: American) Imperialism. Not only that but he decides to make the Human side out of nothing but straw, except for the sympathetic scientists of course…

That along with the Green Aesop that seemed to be shouting at me with spit filled growls didn’t really make me all sympathetic either. “They killed their mothers!” indeed…we knifed Mother Earth for the lulz…

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