? Ave Maria College story?


What’s the story with Ave Maria College? Ann Arbor’s a great place, and I understand there was a lot of dismay over the move to Tom Monaghan’s Catholic reservation in Florida.


As I understand it, the local building authorities gave him a lot of flack about building and expanding the college. High taxes, no breaks offered, zoning blocks, etc. So he took it elsewhere. He was able to buy a bunch of land in Florida and they basically gave him carte blanche to do what he wanted, plus he could build that catholic town he always wanted to do. One of the advantages to building in florida was that he was able to buy a whole lot of land, and the college is holding that land as equity to expand in the future.

Ann Arbor is a great place. I live in the area. But the people running the town had problems with him building Ave Maria here. And they do a lot of dumb things fiscally with their money.


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