Ave Maria played on a saw

Yeah, it sounded horrid to me, too but it’s actually pretty good.


I’ve heard of “musical saw” before. They even make saws specifically for playing on. But I’ve never seen someone play a saw with vibrato before.

That looks insanely difficult. He has an incredible ear. If he starts a note slightly off, he seems to know exactly where to go to make it right almost immediately.

Beautiful and incredible!!

Fifty years ago when I was a child we had an “revival” (you will probably have to be a convert from a southern evangelical protestant denomination to know what that is) with a evangelist that played musical saw. I will never forget his performance of “Amazing Grace”. Probably the most blessed I had ever been by Christian music before hearing the Vivaldi “Gloria” in high school.

I remember Revivals. It was such a crazy concept, church every day of the week :slight_smile:

Have something even better now. It’s called “daily mass”. Better for three reasons:[LIST=1]
*]It lasts about thirty minutes not an hour and a half.
*]No guilt trip.
*]The Blessed Sacrament

Took a “staycation” last week and was able to attend daily mass. Now that was a ***real *** revival.

Surprisingly that was quite beautiful.

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