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I am begging all who read this Post to please, for the “Love of God”, I beg you as the woman who kept bugging the judge or as we “bug” God by our requests please give some thought to joining the Ave Maria Guild. Please, please,please I beg you to consider how much that Al Kresta’s show "Kresta in the Afternoon, Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection, Greg & Lisa Popcak, Dr. Ray Guarendi and Coleen Mast (The Doctor is In), Sr. Ann Shields (Food for the Journey), Fr. John Ricardo are there on the radio or at avemariaradio.net to be listened 5 days a week with some re-runs on Saturday and Sunday.

Twice a year Ave Maria Radio begs and begs and asks Catholics everywhere to see if you want to “play God” by deciding to “donate” or commit to donating money that is used in the production and delivery oif Catholic Radio.

So, I am begging you to please, please answer the call and in sacrificial giving say “Yes” to Ave Maria Radio. Show your Christ-like love and appreciation for Catholic Radio and recognize the fact that Ave Maria Radio is totally trustworthy and makes every effort to speak the truth in love and proclaim the Gospel of Life and the truths of our Catholic faith.

Besides Catholic Answers, which is broadcast in Southeastern Lower Michigan
on 990 AM wdeo Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1440 WMAX 1440 Bay City Saginaw and Flint Michigan area and wdeo 98.5 fm in Naples Florida

Be a channel of God’s love., act in His name and show your support by
calling 1-877-288-1077 or go to avemariaradio.net/support-Christian-radio.php?pg=1 and complete the online forms.

You might say “what is in this for me ?” Well, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If you call in, there are “appreciation gifts” that you might qualify for, depending upon. Also, you will be remembered in the prayers of Ave Maria staff.

For those who do not know, Al Kresta lost a part of one of his legs to “Flesh Eating Bacteria” a couple years ago. He works so hard for so little in doing his program, being President of Ave Maria Radio. His Producer Nick Thomm just finished going through treatments for cancer in his brain. To help pay his medical bills, the staff at Ave Maria Radio worked with a local Big Boy restaurant for a fund raising event. So, the folks at Ave Maria Radio work hard with little pay. They love God.

So [size=5]please please I beg you to act like God and act in His name. Enjoy the satisfaction of answering a prayer request, even if involves some sacrifice like instead of the 200 channels Direct tv or dish Network, you go with the 100 channels and give the difference monthly to ave maria radio. [/size]

or instead of starbucks cappachino, go with a McDonalds or Speedway and donate the difference.

At least take a minute to pray that people who can afford it give some to Ave maria radio. if you know someone who can give to ave maria radio ask them to “pray about it” and decide.

So that’s next week April 20th through April 24th.

Remember, store up treasure in Heaven where neither moth nor rust can ruin the treasure.

i make this plea for ave maria radio on my own I am not an employee of ave maria radio , but i trust them and as Catholics we need all the support we can find in the face of scandals, inconsistent leadership and teaching. So join many. Just think if 1 million Catholic families each donated
$1.00 what a difference it could be for Catholic radio. If you have a different local Catholic radio then please please support bthem but if you can and believe it is an opportunity “to play God” then go ahead and “make Ave Maria’s Day.”

Al Kresta, Mike Jones, Tom Loewe, if my doing this angers you all, please forgive me.


***please, [size=2]please,***please, please, please, please, please, pretty please,I beg you[/size]

So, have you considered it yet whetherr to give some money towards great Catholic radio. Ten good reasons why you ought to give to Ave Maria radio.

  1. FREE advice from counselors Dr. Ray Gurendi or Collen Mast or from the Popchaks - how much does 1 single counseling appointment get you, let alone counseling with Church teaching where it is appropriate.

  2. Keep Teresa Tomeo on the air and really broadcasting the news many times news you won’t find anywhere else.

  3. Al Kresta’s National Hour - great interviews with major Catholic figures

  4. Teresa Tomeo’s Wednesday interview with Fr. Frank Pavonne and a chance to ask Fr. Pavonne a question.

  5. Teresas Tomeo’s show broadcast from the Holy Land.

  6. Sr. Anne Shields 15 minutes of “spiritual food” each day - Food for the Journey"
    great meditations on the Daily Readings

  7. The largest number of Catholic radio shows are produced by Ave Maria radio

  8. Bishop Carlson of the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, Bishop Boyea of the Diocese of Lansing and ArchBishop Vigneron of Detroit Michigan either directly support or encourage Catholic radio

  9. Giving to Ave Maria Radio is an active participation the “the new evangelization”:
    "No believer in Christ, can be separate from the supreme beauty; of proclaiming Christ to all the people’.” – Pope* John Paul II****, Vatican City, Sept. 19, 2003.

  1. A bunch of people will be looking for work and we do not need more people collecting un-employment.

01+. Most importantly, you can not take it with you, so why not put your money to good work soooooo…

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