Ave Maria Sung on NBC Live Show

I was pleasantly surprised watching “Americas Got Talent” and hearing the contestant
Barbara Padilla sing “Ave Maria”. Her story of being a “cancer survivor” is an interesting side story.

Earlier in the show, contestant Lawrence Beamen when asked if he makes it to the “Finals” what song would he sing, he responded “The Lord’s Prayer.”


I enjoy the show very much and I predict her to win the whole thing. I saw her sing Ave Maria and I got the chills. She is amazing.

Lawrence Beeman is also very good. A lot of people love Kevin Skinner, who sounds like Willie Nelson.

You know, there was once a time when the Ave Maria, the Lord’s Prayer, and various other inspirational songs or hymns were frequently heard on TV variety shows, especially on Sunday evenings. How times have changed.


Both are in the finals which begins on Monday, Sept 14, 2009.

Barabara is picked by one of the judges to win it all.

Lawrence did not say if he was going to sing the Lord’s Prayer.


and the evil media that want to destroy Christianity in America allowed this??? How could that ever have happened? Don’t we all know that it is the mission of the Hollywood elite to destroy Christianity in all it’s forms?

(removing tongue from cheek now) I think it’s great that these folks performed music that was so personally meaningful to them and I wish them all well.

Anybody remember Walt Disney’s 1940 film Fantasia? It ended with a beautiful rendition of the Ave Maria, one of my favorite moments in cinema. It was instrumental of course in keeping with the rest of the movie and probably because Disney, a strict Congregationalist would not allow the actual words be sung. However the message was clear as represented by the animation:

From Wikipedia article:

*The horror of the demons, ghosts, skeletons, witches, harpies, and other evil creatures in Night on Bald Mountain comes to an abrupt end with the sound of the Angelus bell, which send Chernabog and his followers back into hiding, and the multiplane camera tracks away from Bald Mountain to reveal a line of faithful robed monks with lighted torches. The camera slowly follows them as they walk through the forest and ruins of a cathedral to the sounds of the Ave Maria. The animation of the worshipers is some of the smallest animation ever done: the camera had to be so close to some of the work that it had to be rendered at only an inch or so high. Even a slight deviation in the width of the final painted line would have been distracting to a movie audience on the big screen. In fact, as told by animator Frank Thomas in the book Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life the entire sequence had to be reshot twice, once because the wrong focal length lens was used, and once because of a small earth tremor that shook the animation planes out of alignment. The multiplane camera then finally tracks through the trees to reveal a sunrise as the film fades to its conclusion.

Originally the plan was for the procession to enter an actual church, and there are numerous concept drawings of gothic architecture, stained glass windows, and actual statues of the Virgin Mary as can be seen on the Fantasia Anthology bonus disc. Ultimately, this ending was deemed too overtly religious by Walt, and he opted for a more natural setting instead. However, the forest design in the segment still mimics that of a cathedral with an overtly gothic motif.*

I see I killed another thread. Third time this week. :shrug:

It’s a shame Barbara did not win the final round tonight but she was the runner-up at least. But Kevin Skinner was also very good and he seems to be a very humble man.

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