AVE worst thing Satan hears: Virgin Mary's wedding rite


Perhaps the young woman is spinning wool, or struggling with tough flax to weave linen, praying the Psalms as she works. An angel appears to her and speaks the most searing words the demonic realm can ever hear. Divine triumph resounds in those words when praying the “Hail, Mary” and in knowing that this is truly a marriage of Heaven and Earth. The ancient sacred wedding rite of old, rooted in Genesis, a marriage, the universal sacrament, begins. The Virgin Mary is literally married to the Holy Spirit in this ritual.

“Hail, Full of Grace” has greater impact in uniting the marital title of the Queen-Mother with hail, the hallowing marital greeting. This is holy ground and a sacred rite confected in the presence of two witnesses per the ancient sacred wedding rite. The Archangel Gabriel is a legal witness as is God the Father in this marriage of the Perpetual Virgin to the Holy Spirit.

The words of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary constitute a correct form of the ancient sacred wedding rite grounded in the Genesis 2 institution of this first sacrament. To hallow or hail means to “tabernacle” or to set apart as holy. The ancient sacred wedding rite was confected in the ancient world just as Genesis said, with the man leaving his family and approaching the woman in her tabernacle, which was her home and where communal goods were stored and disbursed. This approach was heralded by a greeting like “hail” to signify peaceful intent and to honor to the one approached.

“Full of Grace” is the fulfillment of EN-ship, EN being the Sumerian for “grace” and signifying the elect woman worthy of being Queen-Mother. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, would have qualified as an EN. As an elect woman, she was highly sought after as a bride by kings as is recorded in the Bible. This role of EN is the root of our word “queen” the gwena/gyne being the chosen woman managing the welfare of the community. The word queen is a combination uniting the reed storage hut and wedding tabernacle, here signified by the G root for “reed”; and the EN meaning gracious one, the role of the chosen woman.

As noted by Bishop Sheen and more recently by D. James Kennedy in his “Gospel in the Stars” the whole world knew of a prophecy concerning the VIRGO and her special Child. This was no hidden doctrine but a worldwide expectation. Sheen notes the Chinese history relating how the emperor saw a new star in the heavens, and he asked the sages to look it up and, as foretold of old, it was the star of the long-awaited One.

“Hail, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.” Per the Genesis protocol, the Bridegroom approaches his Bride. “The Lord is with thee.” This is a succinct form of the ancient sacred wedding rite and Genesis protocol, all legally perfect.

That a holy child will be hers is indicated by the words paralleling the revelation to Hannah in conceiving her son, the prophet Samuel: “Blessed are you above women.” Only the Virgin Mary’s betrothal to and conception by the Holy Spirit exalts all women in Christ as she is told, “Blessed are you among women…”

The Genesis 3:15 mandate from God to the Woman/gyne/queen-mother/EN is to her and through her to her seed: crush Lucifer and his minions. “Seed” in Genesis 3:15 is a collective term perfectly reflecting the Body of Christ; and accounting for the Apocalypse 12’s reference to the woman’s “other children” who are persecuted. The Virgin Mary is our spiritual mother as Christ’s mother. “Blessed is the Fruit of thy womb.” This is the conquering Woman & Seed, the Virgin Mary exalting all women in her perfect purity and her Seed, Jesus Christ, and the Body of Christ, all child-like believers.

Hail–imagine a wedding tabernacle of angelic protection spreading over the Virgin like the tabernacle over a Jewish bride.

Full of Grace–imagine the fullness of spiritual goods stored up to distribute upon the confection of this joyous marriage to the Holy Spirit.

The Lord is with thee–imagine the thrill of the Bride at the announcement of the divine Bridegroom, the Holy Spirit; and our thrill when Christ returns for His Bride, the Church.

Blessed art thou among women–imagine all women and their children are exalted under the Queen-Mother and her Son, slated to conquer the Father of Lies and Murder in choosing life and blessing.

And blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.–Imagine God the Father’s delighted heart; and the Holy Spirit radiant within the Way, Truth and Life; and the Holy Angels protecting the Flower within the living tabernacle; and the ancient souls praying mightily for the world to bow in humble, loving obedience before the infant King of Kings stirring within the Virgin Mary.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. AMEN

The “Hail, Mary” is powerful in vanquishing Satan and exalting the will of God. The Virgin Mary, quite a scholar as the many biblical references in her “Magnificat” hymn of praise shows, answered cleverly. And legally.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word.” Sarah, an elect woman, had a handmaid that under the law could bear children for her that would have full inheritance rights that were perpetual and unable to be severed. Sarah was angry with Hagar, her handmaid, and attempted to change her status from handmaid to mere servant. Servants could be thrown out and all inheritance denied her child. The Virgin Mary insured full inheritance rights for her Son by defining her own status as “handmaid.”

Blessed Virgin Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed, expose all thoughts, and refine all thoughts in the fire of love which is your Son Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart. Triumph in and through us and keep us united in the Body of Christ, dearest and most gracious Queen and Mother. AMEN


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