Avenged Sevenfold is a sin to listen to them?

Ive been wondering im a fan of avenged sevenfold bt nt listen to all their music jst some of them dear god gunslinger,so far way & seize the day. My question is do you think its a sin to listen to their type of songs.? Because some are a little on the crazy side & talk about not so holy things? Also if like having so many pictures of m shadows is a sin and having this admiration for his talent. i know the questions are a little silly but its been bugging me for a while i try to ask the priest in my church bt he always seems so busy. & i dnt want to be doing sumthing that upsets god in any way because my purpose is to love god & do what i was meant to do & dts follow all the rules & commandments he left for us.:confused:

There have been many debates about this subject in general in this forum. Check them out with a search.

To sum up my point of view: I enjoy a lot of dark and heavy music for the dark and heavy MUSIC…

I think as long as you are not dwelling in the message and it is not having a negative affect on your faith (or anyone else’s that may know you listen to stuff like this) then it is not any worse than seeing something bad happen in a movie or TV show or in real life.

Art reflects the people, culture and time that created it. There is darkness in the world and it is critical to confront it. But of course we have our victory in the Light so there is no reason to despair or dwell in the dark.

thanks :slight_smile:

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