Avid Fantasy fans: What do think of fairy tale based fantasies like OUAT?

I saw Once Upon a Time season 1 recently. I found if engaging. Any fans here of this fairy tale based magic/ fantacy series or others? Any one recommend another such movie or series I could see?

Oh and of course critics are invited as well, especially those fantasy experts I saw over there on the LORD/HP and Twilight threads. I much enjoyed all the different debates, comments, analyses and criticisms. :slight_smile:

I absolutely loved this show. My wife and I both watched it every week. Rumpl (Mr. Gold) is probably the best character in the show, I love the parts that were about him.

I feel like they did a really good job weaving all the different fantasy stories together into one coherent world.

I cannot wait for season two ^^

p.s. Red is awesome to XD

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