Avignon Papacy issue


Can’t find any definite answers on this one. Ok the Papacy moved to France and that was fine…but then when they moved back to Rome…then France elected a Pope…so we had two at once…and one excommunicated the other…then the Church took BOTH out of office and then appointed a new one…but then the other two did not back down…so we had THREE at once and Europe was, as Horton stated in a debate “under the excommunication of one of the three Popes.”

How do we explain this? Were there valid Popes during this fiasco? Which excommuncations were valid? Would those under an “anitpope” go to hell?

Any links or opinions welcome.


The Roman Popes were the only valid Popes during the western schism. Only their excommunications were effective.

The Popes of Avignon (Clement VII, Benedict XIII) and Pisa (Alexander V, John XXIII) are considered antipopes. The Church makes no judgment concerning their immortal souls.


Ok, so there was a Pope in France, Rome, and where? Where did the third guy reign? The one the council elected to depose the other two?


I think you’ll find this article addresses your questions:



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