Avoid Fundamentalist AntiCatholic Websites, Pray Instead for them.

Hi all.
There is a website and blog, I won’t name it out of kindness (which they DON’T deserve).
It contained an article criticizing the use a silicone mask over the decomposed face of Padre Pio. I, for one, agree 100% that such things should not be done because
a) they do not help to prove Incorruptibility. and
b) IF God wants a saint to remain fully incorruptible, God can and will do that.
c) God doesn’t need any “artistic help” in these matters.
I was in agreement with the original poster, and said so.
I did not realize that I was on a FEROCIOUSLY antiCatholic fundamentalist webiste.
My comment immediately began to be followed by replies accusing me of belonging to Satan’s organization, to the Whore of Babylon, wickedness incarnate, a church of nothing but child molestors, etc etc etc, and that I needed to basically become a fundy or I’d be lost forever like all other Catholics. You know the line, blah blah blah blah blah,
with nothing, scriptural or historical, to back up the claims.

Assuming that these hideous comments were from people who, nonetheless, meant well, I began providing proof, and proof as we all know, CANNOT be refuted. It can be denied, it can be mocked, it can be evaded, it can be denounced, all these things,
but since it is proof, it CANNOT be REFUTED. I began providing easily verifiable proof that the first Christians of the first two centuries all believed in
a) the office of Peter, held by Rome (the papacy)
b) that Mary is the New Eve
c) SEVEN sacraments
d) baptismal regeneration
e) the REAL, literal Jesus present in communion, in his glorified body/blood.
f) that the “elders” held a fully priestly ministry, not just teaching elders, as some think.
etc. All, provably, are Catholic doctrines, and that all these were believed universally throughout the entire church of the entire empire, which had been evangelized and indoctrinated for 50 to 70 years DIRECTLY BY the apostles themselves AND their Personally-Trained teaching associates. This, all together, PROVES that the early church, the apostolic faith, was and remains, the Catholic Faith, which our Eastern Orthodox brothers also largely share 100%.
GUESS what?
I began to be swarmed with the most vile, despicable, subhuman, diabolical, pure evil
remarks. Against the faith, against the truth, against ME PERSONALLY, against all other catholics. I was told that the Holy Spirit was revealing to them that I was a sick, depraved “drooling” salivating liar deliberately out to drag souls to hell along with all the perverted leaders of my “Whoredom” (the Catholic Church and faith).
The filth they spouted, and are continuing to spout, is much worse than I’ve just described.
It is gutter, dastardly, demon-inspired blasphemy and slime-attacks worse than anything Luther ever penned. ALL THIS from people who boast that they are full of the Holy Spirit.
I finally sent one last post to these sickos ((frankly, this is the behavior of SICKOS, most of our evangelical brethren would NEVER behave like this. Disagree with us? Yes. Mock, rant, curse, libel, and blaspheme like crazy? No, they don’t do that. Most are good people. These people, literally, are beneath sick-in-the-head)).
SO I sent them one last post telling them I was shaking the dust off my feet, leaving them to their evil beliefs, and no longer going to cast pearls before swine, as Jesus told us not to. The foaming at the mouth wanton depravity continues at that site.
(( one of their favorite sources of information is another sensationalist bull-s***t site
called jesus-is-savior.com , by the way. It too, is full of sick insanity and lying, paranoid rants and theories )).
I advise all Catholics, unless you have the patience of JOB, and the sweet gentleness of the virgin Mary herself ((whom they also wantonly, revilingly blaspheme, in their purity )),
then do NOT engage these truly SICK people in debate or dialog or discussion. It induces them to blaspheme, more sick, more twisted, more malicious blasphemies than even those uttered in scripture by the Pharisees against Jesus. Far, far, far worse.
I fear to offend God by praying for these people (( St. John tells us NOT to pray for some people, so it’s not wrong to fear offending God by praying for some who are HORRENDOUSLY blasphemous )), but if you are going to do anything at all, PLEASE don’t go to their websites. You will become --RIGHTEOUSLY-- furious beyond words.
Pray for them instead. The JESUS, MARY, I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS!! prayer is very efficacious for salvation of even the worst of sinners.

I posted that I was going to go to church that evening and would remember everyone in my prayers, and they shot back that MY God and MY Jesus are not THEIR God, and I better not DARE pray to my church’s DEMONS for THEM. This is sick beyond the ability of human language to describe. These people need to be locked up, away from the rest of society, and forcibly deprogrammed, because I TRULY, SINCERELY believe that, the way they are, if given the chance, they would actually BOMB our Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, they are THAT sick and maniacal. I would not, not at all,
put it past them. No wonder the government is putting some fundies on the list of potential terrorists. These people are, TRULY, hate mongering MANIACS.
Be careful, and pray for their salvation, IF that is still possible, because there IS such a thing as “crossing the line” when it comes to blasphemies.

Jay you are right: it’s better to avoid them and pray for them instead.:thumbsup:

It’s like arguing with an idiot: they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

Thats the problem with the internet. Too many trolls and hateful ppl.

Btw i have made anti catholic posts but saw the error of my ways. When met with a kind reasoned response, i felt like a idiot.

Just remember some of their churches were invented recently :smiley: (edit) always worth reminding them of that fact :slight_smile:

Aww, but some a good for a laugh! You have to wonder how they come up with this stuff!:smiley:
But, I digress. They do need prayer. Hate is not the answer.

The (unofficial) Litany for the Conversion of Internet Thugs:

(private use only, and when truly irritated, and when the alternative is foul language)

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the World, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.

Lest internet thugs be eternally tormented by all the fiends of hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they pass eternity in utter despair, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they come to be damned for the harm they cause, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they roast forever in the deepest cinders of hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest they suffer the unceasing pain of loss, convert them, O Lord.

Lest devils endlessly increase their physical agony, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils twist their bowels and boil their blood in hell, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils use them as their toys and tools, convert them, O Lord.
Lest devils gnaw on their skulls, convert them, O Lord.

Lest the innocent be harmed by their sins, convert them, O Lord.
Lest the innocent yield to them in weakness, convert them, O Lord.
Lest the innocent be drawn into their traps, convert them, O Lord.

From faceless Facebook admin drones, spare us O Lord.
From tweeting Twitter idiots, spare us O Lord.
From from heart-hardened spammers, spare us O Lord.
From blog combox trolls, spare us O Lord.
From rss feed problems, spare us O Lord.
From server memory resource difficulties, spare us O Lord.

From viruses, trojan horses, and all manner of snares, Lord save us.
From wasting our time, Lord save us.
From our own stupidity, Lord save us.

St. Isidore, defend us.
St. Francis de Sales, defend us.
St. Gabriel, defend us.
St. Michael, defend us.
Guardian angels, defend us.
All the angels and saints…… GRRRRR.

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord,
Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

V. Christ, Jesus who died for our sins.
R. Return, and return swiftly.

Let us pray.
Almighty and eternal God,
who according to an ineffable plan
called us into existence to do your will
amid the vicissitudes and contagion of this world
grant, we beseech you,
through your mercy and grace
both to protect the innocent who use the tools of this digital age
and to convert from their evil ways all those who abuse them.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

I think that the types of sites mentioned in the OP would qualify in this category.

When I lived in the big city I would occasionally see an unkempt desheveled guy on a corner talking to himself. I would either cross the street or walk around them.
The same goes in cyberspace.
Avoid crazy people.:cool:

Thanks to all you terrific people, above here, for all your great posts!!!

I couldn’t believe the comments this malicious, pure-raging-hatred people spouted,
all claiming their filthy libels and abominable threats were from the “Holy Spirit.”
I swear, even Luther at his drunken worst, when he made and wrote his most
vicious anti-Catholic rants (some of which he later regretted making),
even Luther and the other antiCatholic reformers, never made such horrific comments
and threats, personally, as these. I was going to be eaten by worms, roasted, burned for all eternity, writhing in agony, and that’s the SWEET stuff. I was also told that I was secretly a Catholic Priest (!!!) who had come onto their website under the spirit of the devil inhabiting me to drag these forever-saved people out of Christ’s hand and down with me into the deepest, foulest-smelling pits of hell !!! .This is absolute maniacal talk.
Absolute, maniacally, insane.
I presented many historical proofs.
They presented nothing utterly nothing, to back up their views, yet had the audacity to say that everything I had said was nothing but lies, lies, lies !! Of course, and I told them so, they could simply GOOGLE Justin Martyr and the other early Christians, and they could see for themselves, with 100% certainty, that I was telling the 100% God’s Truth on these matters. That REALLLLLLLLY made them foam and rage and blow their tops.
“The Catholic Church was INVENTED in 315 A.D.!!!” one of them ridiculously thundered, among other BENEATH-MORONIC claims he made (and did not even attempt to SUBSTANTIATE: and with good reason. He could not substantiate it. Nobody, not one soul on earth, can substantiate such RIDICULOUS, OBSCENELY LIBELLOUS, claims, yet these “saved people, sanctified and (allegedly) so full to the brim of the Holy Spirit”, tell these dastardly, libellous, truth-blaspheming lies 24 hours a day, all day long, every day. Lying is wrong, but THIS is by far, infinitely so, the WORST kinds of lies:
LIBELS against God’s truths and the Apostolic Faith, calling it, brazenly, “Whoredom.”

Many evangelicals truly are full of the Holy Spirit, despite some mistaken doctrines, but THESE people CANNOT be, because the Holy Spirit WILL NOT WORK against God’s Truth. He will not.
We all know that. So whoever is inhabiting these deluded, self-righteous maniacs,
it ISN’T the third person of the Holy Trinity. It cannot be.

So please, let’s pray for their salvation ((IF they haven’t crossed the line and gone too far.
Scripture explicitly says that it IS possible to go too far. Let’s hope that they haven’t.))
I seriously suggest that all of us, thousands of us, say the prayer Jesus gave to the Servant of God, Sister Maria Consolata Betrone, 100 times each, for the specific stated intention of the REPENTANCE, CONVERSION, and SALVATION of EXTREME, ANTI-CATHOLIC “Christian” Fundamentalists, and that prayer is:


This prayer is imprimatured, carried an official 300 days indulgence each time it was said,
and Christ PROMISED this Saint that each time it is said, by HIS decision to do so,
he would (1) save ONE soul each time, and (2) accept it as reparation for 1,000 blasphemies. And Gosh, do THESE blasphemies EVER need repairing; they are horrific.
If 1,000 of us pray it 100 times each day, 1 each for 100 ANTI-Catholic fundy fanatics,
Jesus will save 100,000 of them each day. If 2000 of us pray it for that SPECIFIC intention, he will save 200,000 of them each day, and so on and so on and so on.
And let’s pray it EVERY day, 100 times for this intention, for at least 30 days.
We can “kill their” heresies with the love of a simple prayer. And save their souls through his blood, thru a prayer HE GAVE with HIS promise, thru his blood, attached to it.
He may not save them, and probably won’t, a mere 20 minutes after we pray the prayer,
but he WILL win-out, and they WILL be saved. HE promised that, and he WILL keep His promise.PLEASE, let’s do this, because
I have never encountered such diabolical evil, in the name of Christ ((!!!)) ever in
my life before.
God love all of you,

There is a site I have frequented since the late 90s and it has a religion forum. On it are some really anti-Catholic posters who are very similar to the people you describe here. Even though there are other parts of the site which are okay, I do not send anyone there ever.

It did not used to be such a hateful site.

Dear Myriam1947,
Thanks for your comments !!

Do me a favor, send me a private message (click on my name above)
with the name of that website.

I just want to check it out, cuz I think we might be talking
about the same website. You don’t KNOW it is antiCatholic until you let
it be known that you are catholic ------ then they attack
you like wild, demon-possessed beasts, all in the name of “Jesus.”

Love to you,

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