Avoiding Confession to combat scruples?


I went to confession about two weeks ago for the same old things. I slipped up a couple of times since then.
When I was at work, I suddenly remembered it was the day confessions are heard. I started wondering if I should go after work or if doing so for a couple venial sins would enforce my scruples. In the end, I decided not to go. But, at the same time, there are bad habits (even if they are venial) that need healing. With God’s grace, it is becoming easier to avoid sin, but Is there a point where going to confession too often for the same things can become detrimental for one with scruples? Even if you slipped just once within a fairly short period of time?

I know I should trust in God’s mercy. Is the only way to exercise that trust by going to the confessional?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


My priest just gave a homily on scrupulousity and he recommended not going to confession more than once a week unless you committed a mortal sin and he said it was wise to see the same priest as your confessor


Assuming you are seeing the same priest as your regular confessor, you may want to ask your individual priest how often you personally should go to confession, in case he wants to recommend a longer time frame for you than once a week, in view of your scruples.


The only one able to answer your question @roseproject is your confessor .

And you are responsible for heeding his advice .

May our Father grant you any healing you need .


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