Avoiding Sin Is Like Dieting (as this article puts it)

see www.romancatholiccop.com/2012/09/nutrition-and-sin.html

Thanks for sharing that! I like the way he pit them together and drew such clear analogies :slight_smile:

Well, in my opinion, I think that diet is unbalanced. First off, I don’t know when “low-fat” diets got started or how people started eating only the protein part of the meat, but the fat is necessary in one’s diet. The fat from the animal carries the minerals that will help you break down the protein, and the fat also aids in the digestion process as well as helps you utilize the minerals so they can be absorbed in your organs, bones, tissue, and cartilage. Also, legumes, if properly soaked (I put a tsp of ACV in the water), are very nutritious. They are high in B vitamins and minerals.

But it’s good to see someone eating a whole-food diet and less junk food. In my experience, I found eating a diet high in saturated fat from coconut butter and tallow (cow fat) has curbed my appetite. I never felt satisfied the way I do now. To me, if you are always hungry, you could be under stress which leeches nutrition from your stores and impairs digestion, or you are not digesting well, or you are not getting all of your nutritional needs met.

*Not to take away from the comparison he made with his spiritual life. I compare food to other vices all of the time. It is an easy comparison and one I think we all can relate to.

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