Avp 2 coming soon

i dont know about you guys but i saw the trailer and it looks fraggin awesome! (bear in mind i grew up watching predators 1and 2 and the alien trilogy. the first cross over was a hopless disapointment. this looks a thousand percent better! i cant wait!

on that note any one an aliens and or predator fan?

Aliens is by far the best action movie evar!!!


AVP 2 = High hopes!!

P1 P2 were both cool

I am probably the one person in the world who loved Alien 3. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i didnt love alien 3 i thoguht it was great but definatley loved aliens the most.

I am a huge Aliens fan… haven’t seen AVP, I doubt I will stomach that when I actually do see it but I guess because it’s got Alien in it I don’t have a choice… :frowning:

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