This is an original show. Has anybody else watched it?

I wonder where they will go with it. Will they ever explain what is a dream and what is sleep. I have a few ideas. He is in a coma. Both his wife and son are dead. Maybe he is the one who died.

A strange show but I am intrigued so far.

The premise is fascinating, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll have to look for it.

I thought this was going to be about the magazine. lol :shrug:

I watch this show. Record it and watch again. I love it! But these type of shows are my thing:D. Did you like “Lost”? I found that even if I wanted to quit watching, I got pulled back to it again. I love a mystery!


Yes I have watched it! I can’t understand the rather confusing plot, :whacky:although I very much admire all the actors. For that reason, I hope it does well in the ratings. I think I might need to watch :popcorn:it again from the beginning, perhaps the first season may go on DVD or something.
I think a number of people have commented on how confusing it is! I never know when the main character is dreaming or AWAKE! :eek::eek::eek:

It is on Thursday nights.

I watched “Lost” for awhile until they made the father bad. Now I don’t know what happened but It was the last time I watched it. Yes I do know that he was forced but it gave me a bad taste.

I don’t think you are suppose to know when he is dreaming and when he is awake. What I can’t get straight is which life contains which characters. I think when I do get it straight it will make watching it easier.

OK. Here is is: 'Blue" life (blue in tone and he wears a blue wrist band) -he’s with his son.
“Orange” life (orange in tone and he wears a RED wrist band) --he’s with his wife.

Hope that helps!

Is there a place where I can see the shows on the internet?

I see that HULU is hosting episodes on the net.


So this show is history.:frowning:

Did anyone see the end.

What did you make of it.

Was he dreaming in a dream and was he still dreaming:shrug:

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