Awesome article


Since we are headed into Lent I had just had to share this article - Please enjoy and feel free to discuss:

Oh my Lord I am sorry I upended Thee


Beautiful article! I read it with a smile on my face, tears clouding my vision and heart uplifted! A beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!


That was great! Thanks for sharing.
From the article: “I cleaned out the van. You ever try to get vomit out of a seat buckle? Seriously. Have you? If you have and were successful call me because I’m still working out the logistics.” (Yes, seriously I have. Oxi-clean. :thumbsup: )

I loved this whole paragraph:
*I was impressed with myself until we met my lovely wife at Church. **I can always tell from her expression when somebody’s clothes don’t match. **She never says anything outright but I can tell that something doesn’t match by the way she looks them over and over again as if I’d dressed them in grass skirts and viking helmets. *

LOL, I didn’t know husbands could tell what we wives were thinking so easily. :smiley:

Than there’s this priceless exchange with the store clerk:
*“Your house must be crazy like all the time,” he said. *
“Nah,” I said. “Only when we’re in it.”


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