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I have a PDF file that is absolutely awesome!!! The link has since vanished and it’s too big to list as an attachment… Can someone help me post it??? I will EMail it to you if you will make it available to everyone for download… I want to make sure that people have access to this because it is quite good. Also, if anyone out there could un-PDF it and EMail it to me, I would appreciate it, because I would like to add to it. THANKS…


You could always host it on some free filehosting site, like


Here is a link to the 2 page Bible Cheat Sheet. It can be printed out on one page (back to back). Then you can tidy up headings etc and have it laminated.

It doesn’t have the references to the Early Church Fathers on maesoph’s PDF file, but they might not convince Protestants except as a back-up after they have been convinced from Scripture.

I will post those references here when I have time, unless OP wants to do it.

St Cyprian (c.250 AD): “God is one and Christ is one, and one is His Church, and the faith is one, and His people welded together by the glue of concord into a solid unity of body. Unity cannot be rend asunder, nor can the one body of the Church, through the division of its structure, be divided into separate pieces.” On the unity of the Church 23
Tertullian (197 AD): “We are a society with a single religious feeling, a single unity of discipline, a single bond of hope.” Apology, 39, 1.
St Hillary (4th C): “In the Scriptures our people are shown to be made one; so that just as many grains collected into one and ground and mingled together, make one loaf, so in Christ, who is the heavenly Bread, we know there is one body, in which our whole company is joined and united.” Treatise 62, 13


Thank you, thank you, thanks you. That is awsome. I printed it out and lamenated it. You all ROCK…

God Bless you all…


Thanks so much! This is big help to me!


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