Awesome.....but hard to accomplish


I've been given an opportunity to go overseas this fall, to a developing nation, to study, do research, and intern. I want to take it and everyone in my life is encouraging me to go for it.

The only issue I have right now is money. You see, I have a job, but I'm also in school and most of what I make pays for living expenses (though I have started saving). It won't cost much when I'm there, but flights, medications, visa, and certain fees, as well as usual school fees are going to cost me a pretty penny. I know if God wants me to go, it'll happen as long as I'm diligent, but it seems daunting right now.

So, could you all just pray for me, that if it be God's will that I go, I can accomplish it and, if not, that I can accept that?


I will pray for you
don't lose you trust in God


If it's for you, it wont go by you.


I will pray for you! :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh…my dear mother used to say that all the time; I’ve rarely heard it used otherwise, but it is so true, isn’t it?

I’ll be praying, too.


Sorry to de-rail here, but I couldnt help notice you said you went to Boston College. You wouldnt have had the good fortune to take a Peter Kreeft class while you were there did you?


Will pray for you,

Also some practical advice: find out if your college has a travel scholarship or travel grant scheme that you can apply to, find out if there are any organisations working in the country you are travelling to who might pay for your trip. I have a friend who received a lot of money from the Knights of Malta to go to work in a hospital in India, the only thing the Knights asked for in return was that he attended one of their meetings on his return and presented a paper and gave a talk about his experience. There may also be fundraising activities you or your parish could get involved with. Another friend here cooked a meal for about 40 people in the parish, and everyone contributed to a fund for her to travel to Borneo to do some work in wildlife conservation.


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