Awesome conversion story!

This is Alex Jones talking about his conversion from being a Penecostal minister to Catholicism. It is inspiring and quite humorous at times too:)

This link is part 1 of 5 videos, all about 8 minutes long. If you have time it is worth watching, I promise.

I’m some 30 seconds in, and already quite interested in watching the rest. I’m not sure if I’ve heard of this person before – his name sounds familiar – but I quite enjoy his speaking skills. Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

I immediately associated Alex Jones with a guy of the same name who runs the PrisonPlanet conspiracy theory website. I don’t think it’s the same guy.

I watched his conversion story some time back when a friend of mine was contemplating a conversion to Catholicism from the assembly of God. It is a truly inspiring conversion story and helped me a great deal in my talks with my friend who by the way has just finished his scrutinies and will be making his sacraments this Easter vigil. Also, Alex Jones is now a deacon. God bless you all, just thought i’d share, thank you for posting the link.

The prophecy has come true.

The Book of King Lazy
And SMA_12 spake unto him and said, “Thou shalt watch this awesome conversion story that be five times eight minutes in length, for I promise thee that thou shalt be humoured and that it shall be worth it.” And the King did watch the conversion story and upon watching it he did see that it was awesome and that SMA_12’s promise made unto him had been fulfilled. Thus saith the King.

Lol, thanks for the link. I enjoyed it.

Haha I’m am glad you guys liked it! Hilarious reply King Lazy:D

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