Awesome Pro-life short film. Only 15 minutes, very high production values

Check this film out and if you like it share it with your friends, tweet it, etc. It’s very well done and makes our pro-life case while never mentioning abortion directly. This is the sort of thing that can change hearts and minds. Help get the word out, I would like to believe that it would be especially effective with teens and college age young people. Thanks, Petey.

Very good! Thanks for the link.

That was an incredible video, but saying it “never mentions abortion directly” is misleading at best. It never says the word abortion, but it might as well.

But yes I think that makes a point that a lot of people need to realize since I’m sure many pro-abortionists are also staunch opponents of the massacre slaves and Jews faced, all justified by propaganda that they were “not human.”

This was such a touching and beautiful film; the parallels it draws are so straightforward that after watching this film, I don’t see how someone could honestly say that they think abortion is right. Thank you so much for sharing it; I know I will definitely be passing it forward.

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