Awesome Sacred Treasure find!

Wow, on a whim my wife and I stopped off at the local St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store today before I went to work and they had a large picture of Ven. Archbishop Fultun Sheen. I thought this was neat and wanted to get it and when I walked up to it to get a closer look I saw that it was SIGNED! by him!

I grabbed it in a second!

Awesome. Fulton Sheen was great!

And you think that was due to a WHIM???

:whistle ::wave: :getholy:

More like a saintly nudge!


Good for you! Envious, but that’s a sin, so…I’m happy for you!

Awesome! Post a picture ! :smiley:

When they name a parish after him - that diocese may want this “near relic” prominent in the Church somewhere. :slight_smile:

I am presuming we’ll live to see the canonization of Blessed Fulton.

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