Awesome Skit, very inspiring for all

A good friend of mine posted this in another section of the fourm, but I wanted to bring it to light here. I do not tear up to easily, but this brings a tear to my eye and chills all over my body.

Lifehouse “Everything”

God is so good to us.

Thank you for sharing this.

Am I watching the wrong thing? I don’t get it . . . is the movement supposed to fit the music or what?


No - it’s a skit without words. The man in the purple and white robe signifies Jesus, and the girl in the white shirt signifies the Church. The other characters are various enemies of the Church.


That’s an amazing video! I just started sobbing when I watched it… tears streaming down my face and everything, at the last bit where she fights back, tooth and nail… Beautiful!!!

Alright, I’m happy y’all were inspired, but I guess it just didn’t speak to me the same way. I still don’t “get” it . . .:frowning: Oh, well!

Oh my goodness that was beautiful! I, too, ended up sobbing as she struggled with all the temptation around her and the tears turned to joy as Jesus hugged her, though my tears were even more sorrowful when Jesus was taking the brunt of the other characters (reminded me of the Passion).

Gwenred, it’s possible your viewing capabilities on your computer left the music out of sync with the images. The music does go with the skit.

We begin with a young woman dancing with Jesus as he shows creates and shares gifts with her (life, movement, the sky, fruit, a bird, rain), then a fellow comes along to interrupt that dance. It seems he represents Lust, and notice he uses the same dance Jesus did with her, so that at first it feels familiar to her.
The guy in yellow is Greed throwing money her way.
The first girl is Addiction (alcoholism), the party life of our youth.
Followed by Vanity (eating disorders, bulemia, here)
and then Despair.
Notice with each obstacle Jesus is further from her. As she tires of giving in to each temptation she feels more lost because the distance grew in that time.
Finally she chooses to go back to him and she fights to get there “You’re all I want. You’re all I need. You’re everything” sings louder in the background as the Temptations beat her up basically, as Jesus pulls to draw her close to him and He steps between her and them, taking their beatings on her behalf until they are defeated.
This leaves Jesus and the girl alone, with his arms around her.

I admit it probably moved me to tears because I know several young teens from my children’s schools who struggle with each of these and any given combination every day. We pray they find the strength to turn to Jesus to help them through.

Well, I showed my 19 year old son and he hated it. Go figure. But he’s never been one for ‘dumbing down the faith’, as he calls it, making it touchy-feely-popular-bouncy for a particular age group.

My daughter is the performing arts lover of the family and has more acquaintances with people who struggle with cutting, depression, partying, and ‘hooking up’ so she really liked it.

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