Awesome Trad Carmelites

This is an awesome video about cloistered Carmelites:

P.S. If anyone is thinking about becoming a cloistered Carmelite nun or monk here is contact info for two great orders:

Nuns: Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Valparaiso, Nebraska)
Prioress, Reverend Mother Teresa of Jesus, OCD, Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
9300 Agnew Rd., Valparaiso, NE 68065.
My friend’s sister is with these holy woman and loves them. Their chaplain is a FSSP priest.

Monks: Contact info:
These guys are great, authentically holy men.

I’ve been helping out at the new Carmel in Canyon, CA (which split off from the one in Nebraska). The Nuns are fantastic, I’m looking into OCDS because of my experiences there :slight_smile:

I will pray for your discernment! They are truly wonderful! Deo gratis!

Many of the clips in the video are from *Thérèse *by Alain Cavalier. Below are links to it:










I just visited the Carmelites in Canyon California. Have been meaning to ever since they arrived. The sad news I was given while visiting is that they are going to have to move. Evidently they can’t afford the land. Does anyone in this area know anyone who would donate money and/or land or both.

This is such a rare blessing to have them in our midst. And God does know we need them very much. I know He will take care of them but thought I’d put this out there.

I tried to respond to your PM but it wont let the message through :confused:

A couple of weeks ago our new Bishop Barber came out to meet them and discuss their future. Ive heard that the meeting went well and that Bishop Barber wants them in the diocese. The inference I got was that it might not work out where they are now, but that they could probably stay in the diocese, but they dont really know for sure yet.

Please keep in mind this is third hand info, but its all Ive heard.

So awesome!

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