I want to do this:

I know I am faaarrrr away from that day, I know I will have moutains to climb, but the mountains I will climb, and the time I will wear down. I want to be a Priest for JESUS CHRIST and to lead all the Souls of the Faithful back to HIM. I desire to Offer Sacrfice to the LORD, To Forgive Sins and to Bless and Consecrate. I desire to be a servant unto all. I desire to serve GOD and HIS Church. I desire to give my life back to GOD and to lay my life down for HIS Church. Whether I can save 1 soul or 1000, this is all I want to do. I want to make GOD’S Mission as mine, HIS Bride as Mine, HIS People as Mine…


I know that some of us would love to see that day too buddy!

Oh…too be young again…

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