Awkward link - Prepare to be shocked

I was negatively shocked watching this video and astonished that the poll was 66% in favor of “wishing they thought of it first.”

First of all, I think is horrible choreography. Secondly, if they really wanted to have this, there is no reason not to do it at the reception introductions.

Obviously, non-Catholic. I happen to like the song , but not in church.


What do you think?

It is SO funny that you posted this, because I thought the same thing! I actually saw this twice on the news. They were discussing it like it was a big news story. I guess it has been a HUGE you-tube sensation & millions have watched it. I thought I must be crazy & the only one who felt this way.

I get that it makes people happy. I can’t help smiling even. I love the youthful exuberance, but I just wish it was at the reception, as you said. Then I would have loved it.

I’m sure they’re excited to be married, but there does seem to be a lack of reverence for the sacrament. I understand it when I think back to my luke-warm days, but it makes me sad.:frowning:

Not really shocking. It might have been kinda cute for an entrance to the reception. I have to agree with you on the choreography. I just thought it was kind of dumb. Oh well, not my wedding. I’m sure there are plenty that would be upset that my dog was my ring-bearer. :shrug:

I honestly do not see this as disrespectful in the slightest. Our Lord himself was Jewish and in that culture, everyone dances at weddings. Why then should this be a problem? :shrug:I say may God bless this couple and let these memories be cherished.

I have no desire to let anyone walk me down the aisle (my Dad died 5 years ago), nor will I even wear a white dress (despite being virgin) or have the flowers. Does this mean I will be insulting the sacrament of marriage? Hardly! Some Catholics get married whilst skydiving…now that is making the sacrament look like a joke.:eek:

I love this video! It looked that they were having fun. I don’t recall ever hearing that there should be no dancing at a wedding. It’s not during the mass. (In fact, this wasn’t even Catholic, so there was no mass.) I thought it was great! I’ve got it posted on my MySpace page!!

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Oooops, should have known better that it was posted already.




Wow, I always taught you had to marry within God’s home in our religion, or an open air basilica, wherever that may be in the states.:shrug:

I was in another RC forum that was mentioning the disdain of polka-ing down the aisle at a RC wedding and I viewed a wedding were the whole congregation danced around the altar after the nuptial mass. I guess I expect tradition when it comes to the sacraments.


I would love to have been at their reception!!!

This was not a Catholic wedding. See the other more established thread on this subject…

Man, am I an old fuddyduddy. I just watched it with my mouth hanging open. Interesting, though. People are doing such weird things to make their weddings stand out these days, it makes me wonder if they put as much thought and planning into the marriage as they do the wedding and reception.

I know 90, I stated that in my first post as you can see, I was commenting on A_R’s last line about Catholics getting married while skydiving, it was supposed to be a light hearted jab at skydiving marriages.


I know! What do they pull off for an encore after that?

Always people wanting to push the envelope, it seems.

I’m an old fuddyduddy too…but I had fun watching it. It certainly didn’t shock me.

ditto Elizabeth. It looked like fun and was fun to watch.

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