Awwwww...I feel warm and fuzzy!


After mass on Sunday Father stopped dh and I as we were walking out the door and asked how long we have been married now. We told him it was about a year and 4 months and he smiled. He said, “I saw you two holding hands during mass and it was so nice to see you two so happy.” Awwww… I was immediately self concious thinking, “Gee, am I distracting Father during mass?” But he was so genuinely happy for us!


:slight_smile: Aw! Congratulations! How did you and your husband meet?
Also, I wouldn’t worry about distracting the priest. They notice everything. Gosh I love priests. :slight_smile:


That is so great!! Both that he said something and that it happened


I know the feeling. My dh of 13 yrs. still holds my hand during the homily at Mass if I’m sitting next to him. Sometimes the children are between us and others times not. But the times we hold hands during Mass is special to the two of us. Just for the record, he holds my hand quite often, but Mass is a for sure one! God bless you two!


That’s so nice…I hope you two have a lifetime of happiness together.

Don’t be shy about a little PDA like that (no heavy making out, of course :slight_smile: ) – it can be edifying to other people.


whats PDA?


Public Displays of Affection - PDA



(We were recently quizzed ((both 40+, kidless on a date-night) after being “busted” smootching)… "You must be newlyweds…!

“Nope… goin’ on 19 years!”

Oh…Well… Uh…(I could just see the gears grinding at the thought of one-time married people PDA’ing… especially at “our advanced age”)…


That’s it. I’m moving to Peoria, where the priests care about people.



All I have to say is thats how I want to be someday :thumbsup:


Welcome!!! Yep I think the Peoria Diocese is awesome. Bishop Jenky is hysterical too. Even the kids all love him… now that is something! As a side note…the priest at our nearest neighboring parish is partly responsible for getting DH to think about converting to Catholicism. He would sit down and “chat” with him at our local Walmart. And our Religious are awesome too… :thumbsup:


Yeah, we usually have the kids on the outside, one or two on each side depending on how many kids are with us and whether any are altarserving that weekend. We have a couple of instigators in our family so we try to seperate them so they don’t start a nudge fest during mass…good times! I don’t think there is a mass when we don’t have a kid trying something funny. I would say it is a teenage thing but they have always been like that, even when they were little.


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