AZ Attorney General (Republican) says no evidence of fraud

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There’s so little evidence of fraud in AZ Trump’s lawyers tried to get a court order to keep the evidence in their lawsuit sealed. The court obviously declined. The evidentiary hearing starts tomorrow, it’ll be very entertaining to see what nonsense they present.

:rofl: That probably tells us all we need to know, right there.

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Let’s get ready for conspiracy theories alleging the Republicans who concede are all never trumpers who hate America.


I went to the tweet, and goes to a call for “a hand count and audit” and all can think of is doing an audit for Trump, we probably will get the results in 25 years.

Already seeing some of that. :frowning_face:


Here is what the Trump campaign lawyer said in court about their claims in Arizona:

But within minutes of the start of proceedings on Thursday morning, attorney Kory Langhofer insisted the plaintiffs were “not alleging fraud” or “that anyone is stealing the election” — simply raising concerns about a “limited number of cases” involving “good faith errors.”

He later went on to admit that many of the declarations that they collected alleging problems in the election turned out to be false. So there is that.

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Yes, there will be a hand count.

I trust the Arizona system, in all likelihood, Biden won. What is also irreversible, is that Arizona’s Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs has a pretty curious history.

I also think it is likely Trump won Michigan and Pennsylvania.

On what do you base that belief?

Probably the fact that he got more votes than Trump in those states.

The last I heard the difference was 10,000 to 11,000 votes which in some states calls for automatic recount. Someone claiming to be a republican does not mean much these days. Katie Hobbs the Secretary of State, is the chief election officer in the state of Arizona. She is a democrat.

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