Babies Baptism

If one parent is a Catholic and the other is not but going through RCIA, can this baby be batized without having to wait until both parents are Caholic?

I have never heard of this.  I have 3 children and all have their children baptized Catholic with one parent (at the time) only Catholic.  Is this one of the these Priest can make his own rules thing?

yes as long as the priest has assurance the child will be raised Catholic.

ditto that, plus the baby needs at least one Catholic godparent age 16 yrs.or older who has been confirmed and practices their faith as well.

Have you ever heard of a Priest denying baptism to a infant because the second parent was not a confirmed Catholic? This is like turning young couples away from the church it seems.

No, I haven’t. But I have heard of a priest who would not baptize the baby because the second parent was not on board to allow the child to be baptized. Both parents must agree, unless one of the parents is absentee and has no parental rights by law.

Second parent is going through the last part of RCIA. However, it seems the priest wants this parent to start over in the RCIA process because first part was not done in this church.

I’ve just never heard of denying a baby baptism because of the second parent is not Catholic. I certainly understand about the godparents and the Catholic faith requirements. This is not the issue though.

This family/Grandparents are extremely actively involved in this Parish church. We can’t figure it out. The RCIA Director did say that as long as this Priest is here, it will be like this.

Yes, of course. There should not be any delay of Baptism.

I married a Catholic, gave birth to our daughter the second week of RCIA and baptized her at 4 months (2 months before Easter Vigil/entry into the church for me). No issues…so in a nutshell-you can.

I realize you are “connected” to this parish, but is there another parish you can baptize your child?

The norm is to receive one’s Sacraments of Initiation at one’s territorial parish. It can be done elsewhere if the territorial priest gives his permission, and if there is a good reason for having it done at the other parish (family connections at the other parish, etc.) - but if their own priest isn’t allowing the baptism at his own parish, it seems unlikely that he would allow it at a different parish.

Absolutely the baby can still be baptized. But your spouse needs to understand that the baby is expected to be raised in the Faith of the Catholic Church. Your spouse can remain silent when asked the questions during the invocation.

Never heard of this happening.

are you one of the parents? if not, it is very likely you have not heard the entire story, so we don’t really know all the ramifications of the family situation, and we don’t know what the priest really said, which sounds as if he is delaying, not denying, baptism until he has assurance the child will be raised Catholic, which is his call.

I am not one of the parents or part of the family, just a friend of the family that relies on my Catholic Answers Forum when I have a question.

I know this Grandmother will research every detail to make sure to see if this child can be bapitized and there is no problem with the parents that would prevent it.

We also know this Priest! Full of authority power. Many problems, many places you might say. It’s also knowledge that we as older Catholics don’t like to see younger people pushed away from the church when they are trying to do the right and come back to the church.

This is really a strange thing because they already had this couple entered into the process of infant baptism. I think this is going to end up as a One said yes (Religious Formation Director) and one said no (new Religious Formation Director or Priest).

Thanks so much for all your interest and response.

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